February 27, 2021

Grynspan bets on "Latin American integration" after agreement with the EU

The Ibero-American general secretary, Rebeca Grynspan, said on Tuesday that after the trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and Mercosur, which she described as "good news", it is a good time to improve "Latin American integration."

"(The agreement) will allow us in the future to consider an agenda of convergence of standards, of rules of origin that will make us not only trade with the exterior, but with ourselves, because Latin American integration could make a qualitative leap towards forward, "he told Efe in Buenos Aires on the occasion of his participation in the Ibero-American Forum of the Mipyme.

The Costa Rican politician and economist will remain in the Argentine capital until next Thursday, from where he will depart for Lima to participate in the summit of the Pacific Alliance, one of the blocks that could be added to the commercial negotiation with Mercosur.

"In this convergence there is a much more fruitful dialogue than we have had in the past," he said about the possibility of uniting the two largest commercial zones in the region.

Grynspan assessed as "very good news" that after more than 20 years of negotiations the pact between the EU and Mercosur has been ratified.

"It is very good news that we are in a region that continues to bet on multilateralism, for agreements and for the association," he added.

He also stressed that now the Mercosur countries -Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay- become part of "the largest free trade zone in the world," in which "800 million people" are found.

To maximize the possibilities of this agreement, Grynspan stressed the need for States to develop public policies that create "a much more widespread profit space" to put "in the hands of companies the instruments they need to be more competitive".

"If we do not do anything, if we do not put the support platforms that we need then in any commercial agreement there may be winners and losers," he concluded.

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