Grupo Mutua ends 2019 as a leader in general insurance - La Provincia

TheMutua Madrileña Groupcloses 2019 as the leading general insurance company for the second consecutive year. The insurerchaired by Ignacio GarraldaThe year ended with a volume of Non-Life premiums of 5,268 million euros, which represents a growth of 4.41% over the previous year, above the average market increase in this segment, which was 3.39% . The group already has a Non-Life market share of 14.38%.

The Mutual Group continues like this withits profitable and sustained growth, above the market and with positive growth in its main branches of activity.

In health, where it operates throughSegurCaixa Adeslas, Grupo Mutua closed last year as a leader, with premium income of 2,688 million euros, 6.51% more than the previous year, compared to the 4.77% growth of the market in this field.

In cars,the group concluded 2019 with a premium volumeof 1,563 million euros, 5.25% more than the previous year, the highest growth in premiums of the top ten ranking groups and also clearly higher than the market, which grew by an average of 1.52% in this field.

First sectoral positions
Currently, Grupo Mutua is the first insurance group in the Non-Life market, the first in the Health business, the second in cars and the third in total insurance, including Life and Non-Life, according to ICEA data .


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