Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

Growing concern among critics of Cs for a coup by Rivera

Anxiety in the ranks of Citizens. Critical leaders fear a possible Hand strike of Albert Rivera. The sudden call of two meetings extraordinary General advice, the highest management body between congresses, on July 29, one of them with the modification of party statutes as the only item on the agenda, it has unleashed all kinds of internal speculation.

There are nerves. The discomfort for the frontal clash that occurred between Rivera and the critics headed by Luis Garicano and Javier Nart
at the executive's meeting on June 24, after the resignation of Toni Roldán, it's still latent. For some liberal leaders this modification of the statutes confirms Rivera's commitment to initiate a profound renewal of the governing bodies, mainly the executive committee, which shields him against new dissident movements.

The idea is to reinforce the most faithful group of generals, the one internally baptized as the "Catalan hard core", among which are José Manuel Villegas, Fernando de Páramo, Fran Hervías, Inés Arrimadas, Juan Carlos Girauta and José María Espejo; also to some of the new signings, such as former Coca-Cola Marcos de Quinto, whose voice counts more and more on Cs, and state attorney Edmundo Bal. And on the other hand, weaken the critics with the departure of Fernando Maura, Francisco Igea, Marta Martin and even Garicano, whose leadership of the European parliamentary group gives some protection. Another possibility is to expand the executive and, without expelling anyone, dilute the weight of the critics. The leadership of the party denied after the crisis unleashed by Roldán that the executive will change. In this sense, after the call now for the general councils, party members do not assume that behind there is the will of Rivera to give a coup.

De la Torre considers his resignation and Cs could offer to be a counselor in the government of Madrid

This does not mean that the majority feeling in the formation is that, sooner or later, Rivera will pass bill to a critical sector that he considers "disloyal" and that with his actions and resignations – the last one was last Saturday's one of the founders of Cs Xavier Pericay- have damaged the party and its project.

While waiting to see how the general councils develop, there are new symptoms of the internal crisis. The last one is the possibility that the deputy Francisco de la Torre, one of Rivera's star signings in 2015 for his jump to Spanish politics – he was number two on the list for Madrid – also leaves the orange ranks. A movement targeted by El País and confirmed by several sources to this newspaper. Responsible for fiscal policy of Cs, and close to the resignation of Roldán, is considering leaving Cs for his discomfort with the refusal to explore a pact with the PSOE. There is another circumstance no less: the 28-A Rivera relegated to number 6 on the list by Madrid endangering his seat. A gap opened between them. In spite of everything, the direction of Cs would be negotiating with him to find him accommodation as a counselor in the future government of Madrid.

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