May 12, 2021

Griñán refuses to testify in the Senate to preserve his defense in the ERE trial

Griñán refuses to testify in the Senate to preserve his defense in the ERE trial

The former president of the Junta José Antonio Griñán today refused to testify in the Committee for the Financing of Political Parties in the Senate so as not to prejudice his defense and preserve his right to the presumption of innocence in the ERE trial, in which he is accused of prevarication and embezzlement.

Griñán has spoken at the beginning of the commission to make it clear that he will not say "no" more, after his initial intervention, and has indicated that he prefers to think that he has not been summoned now because "within three days" there are elections Autonomous Communities in Andalusia

The senator of the PP Luis Aznar has reproached this "previous consideration" made by Griñán and has assured that "it is a value judgment that does not correspond to the reality" because the commission has been working for more than a year and it has not been the popular ones They have called the elections in Andalusia.

Aznar has said he has requested the appearance of Griñán because it is "difficult to think" that the "proven" facts in the trial have not led to "irregular financing" of the PSOE of Andalusia, in a period in which the former president of the Board occupied positions of responsibility in the party.

In his speech, Griñán has highlighted the fact that his appearance has only been requested by the PP, who also exercises the private accusation in the ERE trial, which is held at the National Court of Seville and faces 6 years of prison and 30 of disqualification.

"It is a relevant fact that the accusation has been promoted and promoted" by the PP of Andalusia, has considered Griñán, who has also indicated as "important" that he is still pending to make his defense brief in the trial of the ERE by what he has considered that anyone can understand that he does not want to declare in the Senate.

"I will not harm my right to defense, therefore I will not declare, I have to preserve my guarantee of presumption of innocence, and this is the only intervention that I will make in this commission", concluded Griñán, who arrived at the commission accompanied by several senators of the PSOE, including its spokesman, Ander Gil.


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