May 14, 2021

Grifols sells its Haema and Biotest plasma suppliers for 469 million | Economy

Grifols sells its Haema and Biotest plasma suppliers for 469 million | Economy

The Spanish multinational of blood products Grifols has sold two of its companies, the US Biotest US Corporation and the German Haema, to one of its shareholders, Scranton Enterprises, owned by the Grifols family for an amount of 537 million dollars (469 million euros at the exchange rate). Scranton, based in the Netherlands, has become one of the investment vehicles of the Grifols, through which they have acquired shares in Juvé & Camps, Aigua de Vilajuïga or the basketball club Joventut de Badalona.

It is a patrimonial operation, according to which Scranton acquires the two companies for the same price for which they were acquired in June (Haema) and in August (Biotest), adapting the current exchange rates in the transaction. The only difference is that now Grifols has secured the supply of plasma that these two companies guarantee for the next 30 years.

The agreement, as reported by Grifols to the CNMV, opens the door to a reversal of the operation, since the company will be able to recover the two companies once a year has elapsed. With this operation, the company achieves liquidity to reduce debt or undertake new operations, while Scranton ensures the profitability of two basic companies for the Grifols business and a thirty-year supply contract.

In November Grifols announced that it was negotiating its entry into the Chinese market through an operation valued at 5,000 million euros, according to which its US subsidiary Grifols Diagnostic Solutions would be integrated into Shanghai RAAS and the company would receive shares of this.

Haema is the largest independent private network of donation centers in Germany (35 active and three under construction) and has the largest private transfusion service in the country. Biotest, meanwhile, has 24 plasma collection centers in the United States.


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