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Griezmann referendum at Camp Nou

Referéndum Griezmann en el Camp Nou

In May of last year, days after it began to market the Barça shirt of this season, it could be seen in the Camp Nou to some fans with the new kit and the dorsal 7 with the last name Griezmann in the back. Since the signing of Coutinho, which chose the 14th, it was assumed that the number that was free was destined to the French, whose future Barcelona had sponsored the club blaugrana.

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But as it turned out later with the show The decision, the television program in which the forward revealed in a sui generis way that he stayed in the Metropolitan, Griezmann left planted and with the colors in the cheeks to the directive of Barcelona. It caused a fire when the majority of Barça fans were in favor of his signing for 100 million euros and now he returns tomorrow to Camp Nou for a decisive match with its future again in the shop window but with many less followers in the Blaugrana environment.

The great morbid

The club will be attentive to the reaction of the public with the player, who did not want to come to Barça

In this situation his appearance in the stadium blaugrana lends itself to a referendum by the stands in a match in which Barcelona will seek to virtually sentence the championship.

Although this week the rojiblanco president, Enrique Cerezo, was taxing by sending a message in which he wanted to settle any debate on the hypothetical departure of his star, the truth is that there is movement again in this regard. The attacker is aware that, athletically speaking, he has been able to make a mistake by staying at Atlético (in exchange for a stratospheric salary of 23 million, of course) and is again exploring the terrain in the face of a possible change of scenery. The chrome of Antoine Griezmann is again on the table of the president of Barca, Josep Maria Bartomeu, who is collecting opinions.

The pending account

The attacker has played 12 games at the Blaugrana stadium, where he has never won either

The clause of rescission of Griezmann is now 200 million but from July 1 down to 125. Therefore, whatever Cherry says, this reduction does not make his departure unthinkable. Unlike. It was stipulated that way in case either of the two parties had a temptation to end the relationship and ... find a buyer, of course.

However, his rejection of Barça and the fact that his season is not being wonderful play against the French. Griezmann is making an irregular campaign.

Without going any further on Tuesday against Girona broke a 681-minute unlocked streak, almost eight games. The presence of Álvaro Morata, who is doubtful for tomorrow's match, and Diego Costa have caused him to delay his position a few meters and has distanced him from the area. In Vitoria on Saturday played on the right. Nor has he had any luck with wood finishing.

But in general their numbers are not up to your salary. He has 19 goals (13 in La Liga) and there is a feeling that he has disappeared in vital matches, such as Turin, when Atlético were out of the Champions League at the hands of Juventus.

Many bulbs will be fixed in Griezmann, who has a pending account in the stadium blaugrana. He has played there a total of 12 times and still has not been released as a scorer. Neither in five visits with the Real Sociedad nor in the seven times that has come with the Athletic one has managed to perforate the blaugrana goal.

For more inri has not been able to take the victory of the Estadi. Ten defeats (five with each team) and two draws as mattress are his poor baggage at the Camp Nou. When he has acted as a local, he has scored for Barça (3 goals in 5 games with Real and another 3 in 8 with Atlético). In any case very discreet numbers for a footballer with a superstar label.

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