Griezmann confesses the reasons that led him to sign for Barcelona

"I didn't come to win the Champions League," he says in an interview with Uefa. com

It was not the Champions. Nor the money, according to Griezmann, which led him to sign for Barcelona. It was just a matter of personal development. “I didn't leave Atlético for winning the Champions League or winning more titles. I came here to Barcelona to learn a new style of play, a new philosophy and to try to learn personally, ”he says in an interview with

“Learn a new style in a club that sees football differently. My goal was to learn something else, because Atleti can win the League and the Champions League in any year, because they have the team and they have the coach, ”insists the French soccer player.

He already had the chance to win the Champions League in 2016, when Atlético reached the final against Real Madrid in Milan. Griezmann missed a pitch from eleven meters in the regulation time that would have given the title to his team. Later, Atlético fell in the penalty shootout. "I remember a lot. It hurts a lot, "he acknowledges. Then he marked his penalty in the batch." He was very angry to have failed. After throwing the penalty, I can be seen saying, "I wish I had done that before." I think my failed penalty was what made us lose the final. Because we were so good and, I'm sure if I put it in, we would do the second one right away, ”he assumes.

The Frenchman acknowledges that he improved under Simeone's orders. “He always had his voice behind asking for more. And asking me for things I didn't have, like working for the team. I learned defensively, tactically and I was more scorer thanks to him, ”he says.

Now enjoy playing next to Messi “We are talking about a player that we may never see again or that one will come out in 40 years. We have to enjoy it, whether we are his teammates, the fans in the stands or his coaches, because it is amazing what he can do with the ball and it is a spectacle to see him play and play next to him, ”he explains.


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