Greta Thunberg fears that the foundations of the planet are "less solid than those of Notre Dame" | Society

Greta Thunberg fears that the foundations of the planet are "less solid than those of Notre Dame" | Society

Greta Thunberg, excited during her speech in the European Parliament. On video, your trip to Strasbourg to fight against climate change.

Listening to a 16-year-old girl in the most important institutions in the world is no longer a rarity. Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who has already passed through the Forum of Davos, climatic summits and this Wednesday arrives at the Vatican to meet the Pope, broke into Tuesday in the European Parliament of Strasbourg with his usual string of duties for the political class. In a message with airs of funeral, the leader against the climatic change outlined a panorama that forced it even to stop, on the verge of the weeping, to recover breath to continue its speech. "About 200 species disappear every day, erosion of fertile soil and deforestation of our original forests, pollution, death of insects or eutrophication of our oceans are disasters that are being accelerated by our way of life," said Thunberg before that his voice would be broken and the audience would erupt in a long applause.

The young woman, who arrived in France after a long train trip from Sweden -refuses to take airplanes because they pollute more-, He showed his doubts about whether the planet will have the same capacity as the cathedral of Notre Dame to withstand the challenges to which it is being subjected. "Yesterday the world saw with despair and sadness how Notre Dame was burning, some buildings are more than just buildings, but Notre Dame will be rebuilt because its foundations are strong, I wish our foundations were even stronger, but I fear that this is not the case," he declared. Thunberg, invited to the Chamber by the Los Verdes group.

His arrival unleashed a huge expectation. Although he took part in a parliamentary committee and could not do it before the plenary, the room was full, and several MEPs attended to contemplate in first person the phenomenon that has mobilized hundreds of thousands of young people from all over the world against climate change. a lightning speech without concessions to the elites. As It already happened to him when he visited the Economic and Social Council in Brussels, of them took only the applause, no firm commitment. "When I say to politicians that we have to act now, the usual response is that they can not do something drastic because voters would not understand it, they are right because most people do not know why these changes are necessary. join behind the scientists, "he claimed.

With the EU playing cat and mouse in the labyrinth of Brexit with the United Kingdom, Thunberg called to worry about the real problems and lamented that there are more summits on Brexit than on climate.

A large part of the generation that has taken to the streets in student strikes never before seen does not even have the right to vote because of its young age. Because Thunberg He spoke to those who have already turned enough years to go to the polls: "The European elections are coming and most of the young people affected by climate change will not be able to vote, that's why we are on the street, listen to us, vote for us. Vote for the future of humanity. "


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