Tue. Jan 28th, 2020

Greta Thunberg demands action against climate change in front of the White House

The young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, 16, joined on Friday the "Friday for the Future" protests that a group of students regularly hold in front of the White House to raise awareness about the climate crisis and demand action from the authorities immediate.

Thunberg, who did not want to be a protagonist and remained in the background throughout the demonstration, spoke almost at the end to thank the support of the 200 students who decided to strike this Friday to call for action against climate change in Washington.

"I am not going to give a speech because I think all the speakers have said it all, but I want to say that I am incredibly grateful and proud of everyone here today," Thunberg said at the gates of the southern garden of the US presidential residence. .UU.

The activist referred to the demands made by her fellow protesters about the need for "immediate" action to prevent the consequences of the climate crisis from being even greater.

One of the speakers was Jonah Gottlieb, 17, and executive director of the US National Campaign for Children, who said that actions like today "send a message to the entire world and to the 'establishment' (established power) ".

"We are against the system of oppression. They (established power) know that we are going for them … This is our planet and we are here to stay!" Said Gottlieb, whose family was the victim of fires in the north from California (USA) last summer.

In his short speech, Thunberg said today's rally brought together "many more people than anyone could expect."

"Never give up and we'll continue. See you next week, on (Friday) September 20," Thunberg concluded.

The teenager left on August 14 from the British port of Playmouth aboard the sailboat Malizia II, which does not use fossil fuels, heading to New York, where on September 23 will participate in the Climate Action Summit organized by the United Nations.

In a press conference organized after her arrival at a small marina in New York on August 28, the activist asked to begin and fight to reverse climate change.

"We need to help each other to act, because otherwise it may be too late; let's not wait any longer, let's do it now," he said.

On September 20, Thunberg will participate in another march in New York, in the framework of a worldwide protest to draw attention to the world's leaders on climate emergency, on the occasion of the UN General Assembly , where a hundred heads of state and government will participate.

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