"Greta makes many contributions, has mobilized youth"

The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, said Sunday that Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg "makes many contributions" and that "he has mobilized and awakened youth" in the fight for climate change.

"Greta brings a conscience, a motivation, especially in youth, very positive. He questions, provokes the authorities," said the president in an interview with the local channel Tele13.

However, Piñera glimpsed the risks that exist when all that "becomes ideologized and becomes religion."

"When you enter that discussion, we all lose," said the president, who lamented the existence of "troglodytes who do not recognize climate change" and "true prophets of the apocalypse" who believe that the world.

Asked about the words of Thunberg, 16, who in the framework of the last UN Assembly said that his childhood was stolen from the perspective of a world at the mercy of climate change, Piñera said that "no It is so "and that" is not true "and showed his conviction that there is still time to reverse the climate crisis.

"What we have to do is become aware of the problem, realize that science has given a categorical verdict, that the situation is serious, that we have less than 10 years left to make very drastic decisions before this becomes irreversible," he explained. the mandatary.

Thus, he gave as an example that just two months ago "no country had a commitment to be carbononeutra" but today there is an alliance of 66 countries in search of achieving that goal in the year 2050.

During the interview, Piñera also referred to the Escazú Agreement, an international treaty that protects the rights of environmental defenders that Chile has so far decided not to sign despite having participated in its negotiation during the second Michelle Bachelet Government (2014-2018 ).

The Escazú Agreement "means a very serious transfer of sovereignty and a president before signing a treaty has to think: is it good for Chile or not good for Chile?" Said the president.

"I prefer that the disputes we have in Chile in environmental matters be resolved in our environmental and justice courts, instead of a panel of United Nations experts that I do not know to whom they respond," he added.

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