August 9, 2020

Greenpeace sentenced to pay 88,000 euros for protests in the North Sea

The British Greenpeace delegation has been found guilty of “contempt” by a Scottish court, which has sentenced it to pay £ 80,000 (€ 88,000) for violating the ban on protesting on a platform operated by the BP oil company in the Sea of North.

During a virtual session, Judge Sarah Wolffe of the Edinburgh Sessions Court said Greenpeace admitted to twice violating the order prohibiting activists from boarding the platform located in the waters of the Cromarty Firth (Scottish North) in June. from last year.

On June 9, 2019, several Greenpeace members approached the platform on the Arctic Sunrise boat, and two of them managed to climb to unfold a banner against the actions of the oil companies that favor the climate crisis.

The objective, according to what the environmental organization declared at the time, was to stop the drilling of oil wells in the Vorlich field, in the north of the British region, where the platform was headed, some work that managed to delay 12 days.

The company Transocean, owner of the platform, then got the Justice to issue a temporary ban that prevented anyone related to Greenpeace from being on the platform or approaching less than 500 meters from it.

Five days later, two other Greenpeace members climbed aboard the facility to display a banner against the impact that oil activities have on the environment.

The Scottish Police arrested 14 people for these incidents.

For Judge Wolffe, the action was “a deliberate defiance of the prohibition order”, for which she stated that Greenpeace is “guilty of contempt of court.”

He stressed that those convicted of contempt can be imprisoned for up to two years and warned that he had considered passing a sentence for the executive director of Greepeace UK, John Sauven, which would have involved possible jail, but decided to exercise “clemency” and “delimit the penalty to a fine “.

“It is essential for the rule of law that court orders are obeyed,” he stressed.

Sauven said he was “disappointed” that “the BP Transocean platform operator has tried to punish us for trying to protect the planet.”

“Our campaign does not end here and we will continue to fight to prevent the oil industry from ruining our climate.”


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