June 21, 2021

Greenpeace projects images of fires on the trees of the Retiro

Greenpeace activists have screened last night, on the eve of the Global Day of Action for the Amazon that it celebrates today, images of forest fires in the woodland surrounding the Madrid Retiro pond to denounce the "lack of action in the face of the destruction of the Amazon ".

Together with the message 'SOS. Planet in flames', the environmental organization has lit the trees to attract the attention of multinationals and governments, in order to "reject the raw materials related to the destruction of forests."

"Instead of defending the general and people's interests," the statement said that "politicians are defending the interests of large corporations in the meat sector" whose interests are blamed for the rebound in fires.

Greenpeace adds that events linked to extreme weather events are "proof" that communities around the world and affected ecosystems are paying a "high price" for "political inaction in the fight against climate change."

Ecologists have recalled that "about 2.5 million hectares" have burned in the Brazilian Amazon during the past month of August and expect that in this Global Action Day (DAGA) "thousands of people will manifest in cities around the world. world".

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