January 23, 2021

Greenpeace embarrasses Sánchez for the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia

Greenpeace embarrasses Sánchez for the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia

Several activists of Greenpeace have hung this morning in the Arc de Triomf, in the district of Moncloa-Aravaca, a giant banner that asks the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, stop the sale of arms of Saudi Arabiaí on the occasion of World Human Rights Day.

The banner shows an image of Sanchez and the phrases "Pedro, do not give yourself human rights by the triumphal arch, no more weapons to kill civilians". Until the place they have approached agents of the National and Municipal Police of Madrid. Greenpeace has explained on its website that it has hung this giant banner to "remind" Sanchez that "has to end the sale of arms to the Saudi country" and because "Given the proliferation of human rights abuses that is widespread in many countries of the world, Spain must commit itself without fissures to its compliance".

As explained by the NGO in social networks, where it has retransmitted the development of the action from 08.41 hours, it is the message they want "transmit to Moncloa" on Human Rights Day, which is celebrated this Monday. For his part, the director of Greenpeace Spain, Mario Rodriguez, has assured that the Government "must set an example of its commitment to human rights" and that "we must show firmness and determination in its respect to advance democratic quality."

"Saudi Arabia leads a coalition that maintains a military blockade against Yemen, in what constitutes the biggest humanitarian crisis caused by human action that exists today, according to the UN", have explained from the organization. Before the placement of said poster, National Police bodies and together with several Firefighters of the Madrid City Council have mobilized to the place and have begun to remove the banner of the Arch of Moncloa. Europa press


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