Greenpeace denounces biggest oil spill in Chile in 20 years

Greenpeace denounces biggest oil spill in Chile in 20 years

The environmental organization Greenpeace denounced today that in the south of Chile there was an oil spill of 720,000 liters of crude, the "largest of the last 20 years" in the country, of a plant of the National Petroleum Company (ENAP) operated by the Argentine YPF.

The leak, which occurred on Wednesday at the Cullén plant in the Magallanes region, would be equivalent to 21 full tankers, Greenpeace said in a press release from Buenos Aires.

From the organization explained that already reported to the Chilean authorities "environmental violations committed by YPF and the National Petroleum Enterprise" and asked to apply "the corresponding sanctions to those responsible for this environmental disaster" of "irreversible effects."

Estefanía González, coordinator of Greenpeace Campaigns in Chile, insisted that "oil has highly toxic pollutants, which can affect the long-term reproduction and feeding systems of the species."

He also emphasized that this accident "demonstrates the true face of the oil industry: pollution and irreversible environmental impacts."

"Continuing to bet on these polluting energies implies violating the right of people to a healthy environment, not only because of the impacts of climate change, but because of these spills that directly affect the surrounding biodiversity," the ecologist concluded.

For its part, YPF released to the media on Thursday a statement in which said that "this incident was already contained and that the current tasks are devoted to cleaning and recovering the affected area." So far, it is estimated that a recovery has been achieved. 60% of the product. "


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