Greenpeace boycott the conference on coal in Barcelona

Greenpeace boycott the conference on coal in Barcelona

A couple of activists of the environmental organization Greenpeace have broken into the Hotel Pullmann Skipper in Barcelona this morning and interrupted a business conference on coal, the World Coal Leaders Network 2018, to demand the abandonment of this mineral.

The activists have risen to the podium of the speakers and They have displayed a flag with the motto "Coal destroys our lives" (Coal destroys our lives), in an action that started at 9:10 and continues, with the activists inside the hotel, paralyzing the conference.

The environmental organization wants to denounce the consequences of burning coal and accuse the industry gathered in Barcelona as "the main contributors to climate change and air pollution."

That is why they have demanded that European governments eliminate carbon subsidies and "plan immediately" their elimination.

"We are here, protesting peacefully, because this conference should not be taking place, it is unacceptable for these people to come together to sell more coal while scientists warn us that we have to leave urgently due to the climate change that it produces". declared Tatiana Nuño, responsible for the Climate Change campaign of Greenpeace Spain.

"We want to tell companies that we do not want their dirty energy, citizens from all over Europe and all over the world are already getting up and demanding their governments to get rid of coal," added the activist.

Greenpeace denounces that the governments of the EU "continue to ignore the role of coal as the main responsible worldwide climate change and the impacts it produces, such as extreme weather events. "

A UN scientific report on limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees presented last Monday confirms that by 2030 the use of coal must be reduced by two thirds worldwide and almost completely by 2050.

"The energy ministers of the EU, including Teresa Ribera, must suspend all subsidies for coal, gas and nuclear energy and accelerate a 100% renewable energy transition," Nuño asked.

"Spain – has continued – is the country that has increased the percentage of coal use in 2017 and is also the European country that has supported fossil fuels more through capacity payments.It is time for Spain to adopt a national objective of abandonment of coal, so that by 2025 it is no longer used ".

According to the activist, "Spain has to stop being the only country in Western Europe without any plan to abandon the coal, not even in discussion".


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