June 16, 2021

Green Day release new album: ‘Father of all …’

Five years after its last installment, Green Day officially published this thirteenth album, now available in all formats.

It is a less distorted and less epic album than usual, because in it there is influence of soul and motown sounds, which can be seen in songs like ‘Oh yeah’ or ‘Meet me on the roof’, although there are also pieces with the most classic sound of Green Day, as in the song ‘Sugar youth’

It is a fairly short album, given that songs with a duration of about two minutes predominate, with only a couple of exceptions.

With the promotional concerts of last fall in Madrid and Seville, still in memory, the Californian punk rock band is already preparing for the official presentation tour.

This tour will start in March in Singapore and will travel to the United States and Europe. Although they will not step on Spain


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