June 13, 2021

Green culinary activism, wines and pastries in a triple Madrid Fusión

Madrid, May 30 (EFE) .- With a worldwide audience thanks to its first digital broadcast and the talent of a hundred chefs who promote “circular gastronomy” from different parts of the planet, the XIX edition of Madrid Fusión starts this Monday, escorted for a newcomer wine congress (The Wine Edition) and the incipient Madrid International Pastry (MIP).

Until June 2, both the pavilion 14 of Ifema (Madrid) and, for the first time, computers and mobile devices will arouse the interest of the sector, also concerned about a post-covid future that will be analyzed in the different scenarios of the “first global congress of the gastronomy “thanks to its triple telematic offer: three closed digital rooms for congressmen and one free open one.

Proof of this internationalization is the sponsorship of actor Robert De Niro (owner of several restaurants) in exchange for a dinner with some of the best chefs in the world.

Ángel León, from the triestrellado Aponiente (Cádiz), will inaugurate with his presentation on marine cereals an intense program of presentations that includes the Spaniards Joan Roca, with the actions in favor of human health and the planet of El Celler de Can Roca (Girona ); Pedro Sánchez and the recovery of missing products in Bagá (Jaén) or Ignacio Echapresto and his garden governed by the lunar cycles in Venta Moncalvillo (La Rioja).

From the international arena, the Argentine Mauro Colagreco (Mirazur, France) stands out with his biodynamic crops, Joshua Niland (Saint Peter, Australia) and his comprehensive use of fish, Aníbal Criollo (Naturalia, Colombia) and the recovery of the Colombian chagra and Juan Sebastián Pérez (Quitu Restaurant, Ecuador) with his search for the best organic producers in his country.

“Will the tables of the future be increasingly sustainable, local and organic? Exciting changes are coming” that will take place at this Madrid Fusión, highlighted by its president, José Carlos Capel.

After a year of closures, restrictions and losses for the hospitality industry due to the pandemic, this international gastronomic summit will also be a means of support and construction of the post-covid future through the presentation of improved management systems and new business models.

In addition to contests such as ham croquettes, signature sandwiches, pickles or mojos, the Revelation Cook will be announced, for which Julen Baz (Garena, Vizcaya), Luis Callealta (Ciclo, Cádiz), Lara Roguez (Kraken ArtFood, Gijón) will choose ), Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo (Cañitas Maite, Albacete), Juan Guillamón (Alma Mater, Murcia), Carlos Pérez de Rozas (Berbena, Barcelona), Sergio and Mario Tofé (Éter, Madrid) and Dani Malavía and Roseta Félix (Fraula , Valencia).

Likewise, eight activists of vegetable cuisine will collect the Chef of the Year award in Europe (Javier Olleros, Rodrigo de la Calle, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Ricard Camarena, Xavier Pellicer, Fernando del Cerro, Ignacio Echapresto and Luis Callealta).

In parallel, Madrid Fusión opens The Wine Edition (WE), a congress entirely dedicated to wine through its trends in wineries and restaurants, with internationally renowned speakers.

And Madrid International Pastry (MIP) is in charge of the sweet part, focused on the latest revolutions in pastry and bakery.

With this triple program difficult to cover in its entirety live by its more than 300 speakers, in addition to workshops and various activities, and due to the vocation of dissemination of knowledge that governs Madrid Fusión, the organization will offer congressmen all the presentations during a year on their website.

Those who choose to go to Ifema will have health security measures such as regulation of the flow of attendees and their mobility, capacity controls and safety distances in a space equipped with a special ventilation system.


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