Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020


Tell him what makes you fall in love

The Valentine’s Day can be a good day to confess to that special person that green makes you fall in love. Chocolates or chocolates, wine or champagne, cheeses and fruits are some classic proposals that increasingly have a greater presence in their greener versions, and with which we can also declare our love for a more sustainable life, an increasingly extended commitment. Organic products gain ground year after year and there are now seven out of ten citizens who claim to consume them regularly in Spain, whether they are fresh (such as fruits or vegetables) or processed, such as preserves, oils, milk or wines. According to the latest report of Public Opinion of Simple Logic, this consumption would be even higher among young people aged 16 to 24, among those who reach up to 80%.

Thus, it is also increasingly easy to access a wider offer. For example, the spaces of The Biosphere of El Corte Inglés has more than 1,500 references of organic, bio and organic food and products. Precisely, under the slogan “Tell him what you love”, these shopping centers have organized various actions for this Valentine’s Day, for which the food and Gourmet Club departments have prepared various proposals and special cases to give, if desired, in a personalized way.

Sweet tea from Paris

This black tea, sweet but spicy, transmits a relaxed atmosphere and increases energy levels. Two opposite poles that come together to stimulate your body.

Love tastes like beer

Water, barley and hops, mix with peach and pink raspberry. A sweet sip of this blond juice, loaded with Mediterranean nutrients.

Cheese with kisses

A goat cheese of milky coagulation matured with molds, source of vitamin A, D and K. Pamper yourself with a healthy snack of grape and cheese, which tastes like kissing.

100% juice

Juices are an easy and healthy way to ingest the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that our body needs. Richer still if they are freshly squeezed, an increasingly widespread possibility in commercial establishments.

Mare’s milk

Considered very similar to maternal, health benefits are attributed. Ecolactis brings it lyophilized.

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