June 24, 2021

green and solidarity recovery is “the only option”

The Minister for Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, warns that the economic recovery after the coronavirus crisis must be “green and solidary” as “the only option”, against those who seek to “revive” options that have proven to be unsustainable and unfair .

“We are many, the majority, who are committed to this green line, but we must not stop making our voices heard at a crucial moment such as the one we are experiencing and in which a few want to rekindle the reverse alternative,” says Ribera in a tribune. published in EFEverde.

“They want to return to a past that has already proven to be unfair, unsustainable and detrimental to people’s health,” warns the fourth vice president and minister for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

In Spain, he continues, “we are not going to let this situation pass without taking full advantage and rowing in the right direction, without leaving anyone behind”, to generate “decent” employment opportunities, wealth, equity and “a safer country “

“We already have a stable, predictable and accurate regulatory framework for decarbonising and improving the resilience of the economy, which will undoubtedly activate the levers of recovery and the resumption of social coexistence in the coming months.”

“We are facing an opportunity to stimulate those areas in which the well-being of people and our cities, the ecological transition, energy transformation or digitization, are extremely attractive to recover the rhythm of our economy, our employment and our society” .

Undoubtedly, today, “the focus of action” can only be in the fight against the pandemic and its immediate consequences, people and their needs, but “we must not ignore the day after and the necessary recovery to leave reinforced ”.

“The new path cannot and should not return us to our past normality,” warns Ribera. “There is no place in the equation to influence a linear economy or technologies that only threaten our health and that of the planet,” he adds.

Clearly, according to the minister, the response must be “transformative and fair”, build secure societies, protect the commons and “anticipate the pulses that are coming, and on which there is already evidence.”

“Adapting to the impacts of climate change is an imperative for our economy,” says Ribera.

In this context, he recalls, the European Union has an opportunity to consolidate a change that had already started with “a strong commitment to the fight against climate change and the sustainability that must be consolidated with the European Green Pact”, the new policy of growth in Europe.

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