Greek media strike 24 hours strike against precariousness

Greek media strike 24 hours strike against precariousness

The Greek media today hold a 24-hour strike against job insecurity and to demand better social protection, decent salaries and pensions, as well as the reimbursement of some of the cuts they have suffered in the years of the crisis.

The strike, supported by the press, radio, public and private television, as well as press offices of public entities, is part of the call for a strike called for tomorrow by the private sector union, GSEE.

Traditionally the media celebrate their strikes on the eve of the strikes to be able to follow up the protest on the day in question.

The strike began today at six in the morning and will end on Wednesday at the same time.

"Information workers are actively involved in the struggle of workers, unemployed and retired people of the country in a suffocating environment of recession, austerity, poverty and social exclusion," says a statement made public by the Association of Press and Associated Media.

The call tomorrow will affect the means of transport, with the interruption of the metro, tram and trolleybus service for 24 hours, as well as the ferries, and the partial operation of buses between 09.00 and 21.00 hours.

The requests of the convening unions are the restoration of collective agreements; an increase in salaries and pensions and the restoration of the old minimum wage, situated at 751 euros.

Currently, the minimum interprofessional salary is at 586 euros and the government of Alexis Tsipras has announced that it will raise it at the beginning of next year, although it has not specified the amount.


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