Greek Justice rules that the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party is a criminal organization

The Athens Court of Appeals on Wednesday found the Golden Dawn dome, including its leader, Nikolaos Mijaloliakos, guilty of running a criminal organization.

Greek lessons: how they got rid of the far-right party on the island of Crete

Greek lessons: how they got rid of the far-right party on the island of Crete

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It is a decision that makes history in Greece and in the antifascist movement, understanding that the crimes committed by members and militants of the neo-Nazi political party, which became the country’s third political force, were carried out under the protection and orders of Golden sunrise.

Mijaloliakos and six other leaders of Golden Dawn have been found guilty of leading a criminal gang, while another eighteen people have been convicted of belonging to said criminal organization.

The trial, which has dragged on for more than five years, will continue for the rest of the 43 defendants and confirms the exile of Golden Dawn from Greek politics. The organization abandoned the national institutions in the last elections, when it did not reach a significant percentage of votes to obtain representation in the Greek Parliament. In 2012, during the country’s financial crisis, Mijaloliakos’ organization won 18 seats and rose as the third political force in the country.

Thousands of anti-fascist protesters have demanded justice in front of the courts

Thousands of people have demonstrated this morning in front of the Athens Court of Appeal awaiting the verdict. The protesters have been going to the outskirts of the Court since early in the morning, where they have placed several loudspeakers to play songs by Pavlos Fyssas, killed in 2013 by a Golden Dawn militant who confessed during the process.

Banners with messages such as “You are not innocent”, “Fascism is not an opinion, it is a crime”, “Paul is alive! Condemn the Nazis!” or “Fear will not win.”

All the major political parties are present to condemn fascism, including a representation of the ruling party, the conservative New Democracy, and the leaders of the main opposition party, the leftist Syriza.

A large area of ​​the city center has been closed to traffic as a preventive measure until the protests dissolve and some 2,000 police officers have been deployed to avoid clashes between anti-fascist protesters and possible Golden Dawn support groups.


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