Greece has reduced the consumption of plastic bags by 60% this year

The use of light plastic bags in Greece has been reduced by 60% since at the beginning of the year a rate of 4 cents per unit was imposed, according to the director of the Hellenic retail market research institute, Lefteris, said today. Kiose

In statements to the private radio 24/7, Kiosé said that in supermarkets the consumption of non-biodegradable bags has even been reduced by 80%, which suggests that the decision to tax the use of this type of packaging has been very effective.

According to Kiosé, only small shops and bakeries are not yet too strict and still deliver bags for free.

The ecotax per bag is 4 cents, a rate that will rise to 9 cents from next January 1.

Despite this, Greece is thus close to meeting the European objective of reducing until 2019 to 90 bags the annual consumption of each citizen, and 40 bags in 2020, he said.

In percentage terms, this means that Athens must reduce the use of plastic bags per person by 75 percent until the end of 2020.

The Government of Alexis Tsipras has ensured that the funds raised by this tax will be used to finance the production of biodegradable bags.

The Greeks consumed until last year around twice as many plastic bags as the European average, 269 plastic bags per year and person, which translates into more than 3,000 million per year.


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