Greater municipal cultural investment “year after year”

Augusto Hidalgo and Encarna Galván, during the inauguration / . c7

Augusto Hidalgo, mayor of the capital of Gran Canaria, inaugurated the conference 'The city and the economic impact of culture'

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The mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Augusto Hidalgoand the city councilor for Culture, Encarna Galván, yesterday inaugurated the conference
'The city and the economic impact of culture' that are celebrated until this Friday in the
Mata Castle Museum. An event organized by the City Council of the capital of Gran Canaria and which brings together several national and international experts to assess the effect of cultural management as a sector with relevance in economic and social activity.

In summary, Hidalgo detailed the analyzes on cultural management in the city, and highlighted that investment in Culture «
is indeed a productive investment in economic termswhich affects the economic dynamics of the municipality and generates employment».

It also endorsed, backed by empirical analysis, the increase "year after year" in cultural investment from the City Council. To the extent that "the increase
of the Culture budget was 115% between the reference years of the comparison, the last five years, standing as the local entity that has increased the most investment in Culture per inhabitant in those years among the twenty
cities with the largest population in Spain».

The crisis of 2008

In the framework of the inauguration Hidalgo pointed out that "in 2008 we witnessed that with the economic crisis the budget in the cultural sector was reduced". "Upon reaching the municipal government," recalled the mayor, "
We already said that this could not be so, because we would be making a serious mistake. Not only because Culture is food for the spirit, but also because it is
a sector capable of generating important economic resources”.

"No one had prepared us for a crisis like the coronavirus," continued the mayor, "and that is what we did: become a national reference when it comes to maintaining the
cultural activity in the city, despite all the ups and downs, de-escalation and restrictions. We were convinced that cultural activity had to adapt. In a
urban environment it is impossible to advance without thinking about the cultural agentsin what we have also called the creative economy».

The mayor has highlighted the progressive increase in this section in the City Council, which has gone from a budget of
€8.8 million in 2015 (with a cost per inhabitant of 23.22) to
the 14.6 million consigned in 2020 (year of outbreak of the pandemic, in which spending per inhabitant rose to 49.69 euros).

In this time interval, the capital of Gran Canaria has gone from allocating 2.86% of its budget to Culture to
4.89% registered in 2020.

for this friday

In these days, this Friday the session 'The socioeconomic impact of public cultural spending by the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria during the pandemic' is scheduled, by
Octavio Mederos, director of CODEXCA, at 10:00 a.m. And the paper 'Culture in digital and post-pandemic times: towards new cultural policies for territorial and social development', by
Ramon Zallo, Professor Emeritus of the University of the Basque Country, at 11:30 am.

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