August 5, 2021

greater fiscal pressure, rise of the SMI, cap on the rent …

greater fiscal pressure, rise of the SMI, cap on the rent ...



1.-More fiscal pressure to companies, high incomes and large assets to raise public spending. The Government of Pedro Sánchez and Unidos Podemos have designed and agreed to a large tax increase to finance their policy of increasing public spending by some 6,000 million euros. The agreement between the Socialist Executive and the formation led by Pablo Iglesias for the General Budgets of the State of 2019 contemplates, in general terms, an increase of the fiscal pressure to the big companies and special companies like the socimis, to the incomes superior to the 130,000 euros and the great patrimonies. The Ministry of Finance estimates that the new fiscal measures will raise the collection in 5,678 million euros, although this figure includes the increase derived from the current economic growth.

2.-Effects of the new minimum wage: «little impact on poverty and more risks for those who earn less». The Government will raise the minimum wage (SMI) to 900 euros per month in 2019 after agreeing this measure with Unidos Podemos to take forward the General Budgets of the State for the next fiscal year. The budgetary impact of this measure translates into 340 million euros for next year, as reflected in the agreement signed between Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias. Currently, the SMI is located at 735.9 euros per month, so raise it to 900 euros represents an increase of 164.1 euros more per month compared to this year, 22.3% more.

3.-The minimum base of self-employed will rise by 12.5% ​​next year after the rise in the minimum wage. The rise in the minimum wage to 900 euros per month next year, not only skips the social dialogue, it will also have an upward impact on what 85% of the self-employed pay to Social Security, the minimum base, given that both Indicators are referenced. This minimum contribution base for these workers will climb almost 13%, up to 12,600 euros per year. This will mean that instead of quoting for 932.79 euros per month, the worker goes to quote 1,050 euros per month; Its contribution quota will also go from 312.9 euros per month from 277.9 euros. That is, they will pay 420 more each year.

4.-The municipalities may set the maximum rental price. The town councils may put a ceiling on the rental prices. The agreement signed between the Government and Podemos to set the General Budgets of 2019 includes that the consistories may declare "An urban market area stressed when there has been an abusive increase in income". Within these areas, these administrations will be able to "limit abusive price increases".

5.-The price of light would be progressive and more expensive the more it is consumed. The draft of Budgets for 2019 agreed between the PSOE and United We can provides for modifying the electricity bill so that the cost to pay by consumers for the first kilowatt hours (kWh) is lower than the following, encouraging energy efficiency. This is a mechanism already used by other companies, such as water, whose price has some sections depending on their consumption.

6.-The paternity and maternity leave will be equalized progressively to 16 weeks in the year 2021. The equalization of paternity leave will be carried out progressively in the next three years. The weeks of leave that parents can enjoy will amount to eight in 2019, 12 in 2020 and finally, 16 in 2021. This time of leave will be non-transferable and the benefits will be remunerated one hundred percent, as stated in agreement of Budgets of 2019 to which the Government and United We Can have arrived.


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