Great blackout: A real possibility in Spain?

What is a big blackout, what is the real danger of a blackout and what should our survival kit include.

What would happen in Europe if there were a major blackout? Do youWhat do I need to have in my house if a big blackout happens? Do youWhen could a big blackout occur? These are the questions that haunt the minds of thousands of people around the world since last week the Austrian Ministry of Defense launch a campaign to prepare your citizens for a “big blackout“. For the Austrian minister, the conservative Klaudia Tanner,” the question is not whether there will be a big blackout, but when “, which has unleashed the European psychosis. Regarding the exact date of this catastrophic event, the minister explained that the probability of a blackout occurring in the next five years it is 100% and therefore, for the 2025, the Austrian Executive hopes to be prepared for supply its citizens without electricity and to ensure that some military and police facilities can continue to operate.

What is a big blackout?

The “big blackout“whom Austria fears suggests the possibility of a massive power outage and long-lasting that could occur due to natural phenomena, such as a great solar storm, power grid surges or computer attacks. In order for their compatriots to be prepared, the Austrian ministry has launched an information campaign that includes posters and advertising videos and a website with advice on this phenomenon: “Great blackout: what to do, if nothing works.” According to this informative web page, a way to recognize the big blackout is if, in addition to not having electricity at home or in the dwellings neighbors, public transport, internet or the telephone network does not work either.

But it seems that Austria is not the only country concerned about the possibility of a big blackout. Switzerland has also issued a warning to its citizens about the possibility of suffering blackouts, although in this case the fears are related to their dependence of the electricity market European Union, so they emphasize the danger that energetic tensions. Also the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung a few days ago echoed a government document in which it warned of possible blackouts. According to the newspaper “a world without electricity could have far worse consequences than the pandemic“and warned that in the document a big blackout or blackout it was considered “the worst threat to Switzerland” today.

Meanwhile in Germany they are not on the sidelines of a possible energy catastrophe. The German government does not forget the big blackout that was lived 15 years ago in Münster due to a temporary snow, which left thousands of people without electricity six days In winter. For this reason, on October 2, the Department of Civil Protection of North Rhine-Westphalia celebrated its first day of Disaster Support under the slogan Blackout (blackout): what to do if nothing works.

On the other hand, China has asked its population, through a notice published on the website of the Ministry of Commerce, to store in their homes “A certain amount of essential products to meet daily needs and emergencies”. Although this request for food gathering it does not specify the reason.

As to USA, one of President Obama’s last orders before leaving the White House was to prepare to resist a geomagnetic storm. In it, different administrations were urged to establish a plan that guarantees continuity of service that provide critical infrastructure and technologies, and protect them before, during and after a disaster occurs. extreme solar event.

What is the real danger of a great blackout in Spain?

Although the alert of a great blackout seems apocalyptic and taken from a catastrophic movie, like the hit Spanish fiction podcast titled “The Great Blackout“It seems that the threat of a massive electrical failure It is very real and both the media, experts and different governments have echoed this issue that has unleashed the European psychosis. As explained by Ángel Niño, Delegate Councilor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council, in the Horizonte program, “the Austrian artificial intelligence system that predicts this’blackout‘In Europe it already anticipated the coronavirus pandemic in 2017 “. The guest of Iker Jiménez reported in the program that” the Austrian army has a data processing system that predicts some of the possibilities that may happen, but here are An even more important piece of information is that on January 8, 2021 there was about to be a big blackout in Europe, a substation in Croatia had problems, and the mismatch between supply and demand even forced France and the United Kingdom to provide emergency measures at the energy level so that there would not be a blackout“.

However, the third vice president and minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, has emphatically ruled out the possibility of a big blackout in Spain. As he assured last Friday, in statements to Onda Cero, electricity supply “is guaranteed”. The electricity generation structure in Spain – he added – is “very powerful” and practically doubles demand at peak times. The Spanish energy system, the minister explained, “is almost an island, the risk of a type of blackout due to a system crash in third countries is very limited and there is the capacity to put a sanitary cordon in case that happens.” subject that we can discard from our horizon of worries with total emptiness, “he remarked.

What’s more, Red Eléctrica de España (REE) has also insisted that there is “no objective evidence” that suggests that an electrical blackout may occur in Europe, including Spain.

But why does the Austrian Defense Minister argue that this event could occur in 5 years? Precisely in this period of time, between 2022 and 2026, the Sun will go through a period of maximum activity, as it has been happening in a cyclical way for millions of years, which coincides with the period that the Austrians warn about.

What would happen in the event of a major blackout?

A blackout (blackout, in English) would expose the fragility of an increasingly digitized society that depends almost entirely on electricity supply. Traffic lights, computers, ATMs, telephones, internet and many other services would stop working. From Austria, it is recommended that you think about what would you take to a campsite for fifteen days, thinking that nothing would work – no supermarkets, no ATMs or gas stations – and it was not possible to call Emergencies. Faced with this apocalyptic panorama,what do you need to have at home if this big blackout occurs that could take weeks to resolve?

What do I need to have at home in case of a big blackout?

These are the essential products To be able to last a few weeks without electricity of any kind:

  • Drinking water (2 liters per person per day; 3-5 days): it is advisable to have some supplies of drinking water, since a large blackout would also affect the supply. It is best to buy several large jugs.
  • Nonperishable food: It is recommended to store food to last about two weeks. It is ideal that they are canned or that they do not expire, in case the blackout is prolonged.
  • Candles: When the sun goes down, everything will be dark, so the best option is the traditional candles.
  • Lighter or matches: essential for lighting candles or cooking fires.
  • Radio: Having an amateur radio at home could be important, since this will be the channel through which all communications are made.
  • Batteries and batteries: The lack of electricity also implies that no device can be charged with current, having devices that work with batteries and some supplies of them to charge the devices will be essential.
  • Cash: In a major blackout, there is no possibility of withdrawing money from ATMs or paying with a card, so cash would be the only way to buy groceries or basic necessities.
  • Electric generator: Although it is difficult to have one of these in our home, it could be of great help during a big blackout since it would provide us with electricity for some time.
  • First aid kit: Essential medicines for 2 weeks, first aid kit.
  • Gas cooker, grill and fuel
  • Warm clothing: blankets, sleeping bags, duvets, etc …
  • Strings and duct tape
  • Hygiene items

What should I do if a big blackout occurs?

The first thing is to meet with family and friends, think about what problems may arise and what possible solutions can be prepared.

Some examples are:

  • Insure stocks for 2 weeks

  • Complete first aid course

  • Set up a meeting point where you can meet up if something unforeseen happens. For example, if the children are at school or elsewhere away from home.

  • Form a team with neighbors and use certain common resources or organize shifts to take care of people in need.


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