March 6, 2021

Grandfather's Day: Movie Grandparents

Grandparents, those experienced parents who can only give love and wisdom to their grandchildren. The cinema knows that they are a fundamental part of each person's stories, well, rather they are history in themselves. For this reason it is not surprising that films always use this familiar figure in so many of their films.

Without the grandfather's wisdom, there is no narration. We don't say it, says one of the most important basic models of epic tales: the hero of a thousand faces of the myographer Joseph Campbell. This dense and complicated story was studied years later by screenwriter Chritopher Vogler, who worked at the Disney production company, which decided to analyze Campbell's ideas to draw a common narrative pattern called The hero's journey. Vogler lists twelve stages through which each protagonist of a story would go, the fourth being “the wise old man ”, mentor and instructor of our "hero". An example may be, Gandalf, the wizard of the lord of the rings.

Be that as it may, the seventh art has honored the grandparents leaving us great characters throughout history, from the most endearing to the most evil. Today on Grandfather's Day we review six types of “movie” grandparents.

Edwin Hoover, the hooligan grandfather of Little Miss Sunshine

Salan Arkin wins the Oscar for Best Actor with this performance. Her vocabulary is not exactly an example for her granddaughter Olive, but her love and advice will be fundamental to the role of the little girl. Among his best phrases, we highlight this: "Losers are people who are so worried about not winning, that they don't even try."

Vito Corleone, the evil grandfather bonnet of The Godfather

Marlon Brando gives life to one of those grandparents who are hard to imagine. Do you think that your grandfather went to the bonnet of the Sicilian mafia of the USA with a manipulative capacity and infallible recruit? Of course, that advice of “if they hit you, then you give it back” would not be necessary, because Don Vito Corleone will protect his blood at any cost. Here is one of his great phrases of family value: "A man who does not spend time with his family can never be a real man."

The dear grandfather Joe de Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

It is clear that a grandfather wants everything for his grandson, no matter how little money he has. But it is that the relationship of Charly and his grandfather Joe (played by David Kelly) is as special as reciprocal. This time the grandson will be the first to enforce the elder's greatest wishes: take him with him to the great chocolate factory of Willy Wonka.

The noble grandfather of Grandpa

Fernando Fernán Gómez represents the role of Don Rodrigo de Arista Potestad, a noble Asturian gentleman who discovers that one of his two granddaughters is illegitimate, being the result of an affair between an artist and his daughter-in-law. The latter will never tell you which of the two is authentic until you show that you want them equally.

The funny and fun granny Fa de Mulan

Crossing a street in red with your eyes covered trusting an alleged "lucky cricket" is not the only madness starring Grandma Fa in Mulan. This charismatic old woman with a youthful attitude also keeps her conservative values, insisting that Mulan marry and fill her grandchildren's house.

The terrifying grandparents of The visit

Rebecca and Tyler have never met their grandparents, so when their mother invites them to spend a week at their farm in Pennsylvania, the children decide to record a documentary to immortalize the moment. However, what the kids find will not be expected at all. This supposed nice old couple have a lot to hide.

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