May 12, 2021

Grancanario Xayo conquers Got Talent with a gold pass

"My family understood that I would devote myself to transformism, especially my father who was a rough country man. He told me that as long as I had the respect that the house deserved, it could be what I wanted", as Pedro Eugenio Moreno, 67, is described and Santa Mara de Gua in his cover letter before his performance in the Telecinco program, Got talent.

Ms known as'Xayo', on stage he explained that he has been in the world of transformism in 1977 and, although he acknowledges that it has probably been judged, he has stepped on the stage of' Got Talent 5 'to pay homage to himself, his life and his job. Explain your experience in the Franco era: "Before you get caught doing this and 10,000 pesetas of fine per fag, check if this country has changed that now they pay you to do it"In addition, I affirmed that" the Police will ever come to the Comisara. "

And he shone with his own light with his monologue that conquered all the judges.

"The greatness of people like you is that everything that has happened transforms it into something positive, something that makes people feel good," he said. Risto Mejide.

"Just by looking at each other, we have thought that your tribute has to be complete and for it to be €," he said Dani Martnez before pressing the gold pass to guense.

See the full performance of Xayo in Got Talent.


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