Granca knocks out Lenovo Tenerife and wins the Isola Cup (90-92)

Brussino had a good match. / c7

The team led by Jaka Lakovic leaves a good feeling and continues its preparation for what is to come

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without Albicy, Benite, Balcerowski or Slaughterbut with Bassas and Brussino, Gran Canaria paid a visit to a Lenovo Tenerife also with absences in a match corresponding to the Copa Isola dispute at the Santiago Martín de La Laguna.

The Claretian ensemble achieved its first advantages thanks to the work of John Shurna. The North American signed the first eight points for 'Granca' with two triples, but it was Lenovo Tenerife who took the lead (15-8, minute 6) thanks to a 9-0 run. Jaka Lakovic's requested time-out had the desired effect, and in the final four minutes of the fourth
the Gran Canaria managed to handcuff the aurinegro attack, unable to add a single point. The partial prior to the end of the act was 0-13, led by the three-pointers by Brussino and Kljajic, and the points in the paint by Inglis (15-21).

Gran Canaria's income reached eight points after a new inside basket by Damien Inglis. It was, however, an oasis in the scoring desert that was the first part of the second Claretian quarter. And it is that in five minutes the 'Granca' only converted that lonely basket of the French power forward.
A partial of 9-0 (26-25, minute 15) forced Jaka Lakovic to request a timeout.

The script of the first act was repeated, in part, and after the break Gran Canaria relaunched its scoring dynamic from beyond 6.75.
Mutaf, Kljajic and Brussino added from the outside to cement a 2-13 run with which the 'Granca' came to place 10 points of difference. At the break, the Lenovo Tenerife closed the gap (35-41).

almost seasonal level

Going through locker rooms was good for a Lenovo Tenerife that, led by Bruno Fitipaldo and Gio Shermadini, managed to turn the scoreboard around. The Uruguayan base led with his points a reaction that fired the Laguneros in the light before a significant scoring drought by the yellows. With 3:33 minutes remaining in the third, Granca had only been able to add five points and
Lakovic he stopped him (52-46, minute 27) to try to reactivate his team
. The maximum local advantage was eight pointsand only a basket on Shurna's buzzer prevented it from being this one with a quarter to go (60-54).

It was Damien Inglis who took the lead in the fourth quarter. The Frenchman converted seven consecutive points to help his team get closer to Lenovo Tenerife.
A good basket by Shurna (68-68, minute 34) tied the game. For several minutes the clash was very even, but the Fitipaldo-Shermadini duo tipped the balance for the local side. An action of '2 + 1' by Shermadini (79-71, minute 36) shot the Tenerife residents in the light.

Granca reacted through the inside pair formed by Khalifa Diop and John Shurna, and through Brussino's umpteenth three-pointer.
In the final moments the figure of Ferran Bassa. The Catalan added seven consecutive points and assisted Jovan Kljajic so that the academy player nailed a decisive triple so that the victory would be taken by the yellow team.

- Data sheet:

90 - Lenovo Tenerife (15+20+25+30): Fitipaldo (15), Sastre (7), Shermadini (20), Cook (13), Doornekamp (3) -initial five-, Alberto Cabrera (2), Sergio Rodríguez (2), Richotti (2), Ivankovic (-) , Diagne (9), Abromaitis (17) and Iván Cruz (-).

92 - Gran Canaria (21+20+13+38): Bassas (8), Miquel Salvó (5), Shruna (26), Diop (2), Mutaf (5) -first five-, Inglis (17), Kljajic (6), Brussino (17), Etxeguren ( -), Rubén De la Torre (-), Duscak (2) and Stevic (4).

Referees: Rafael Serrano, Francisco Araña and Héctor Báez.

Incidents: Lenovo Tenerife's first pre-season match against Gran Canaria in the Isola Cup, a match played today at the Santiago Martín pavilion.

Jaka Lakovic: «We can fill the Arena more than we have done so far»

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