August 8, 2020

Granados (PSC) believes that ERC will share that "going on vacation with a government would be good"

The spokeswoman for the PSC in the Parliament, Eva Granados, has valued the negotiations between socialists and ERC for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez as president of the Government, and has maintained on Wednesday that the Republicans will share with them that "going on vacation with a government would be good for everyone. "

In a TV3 interview collected by Europa Press, Granados has assumed that the positions between the two formations are "distant, but progress is being made in building trusts and that takes time," so they have set out to meet again next Tuesday.

Asked where that meeting should take place – for the moment they have been held in Congress, but it has also been proposed to transfer them to the Parliament – she said that the location "should not be a problem."

Granados explained that the will of the Socialists is to form a progressive government and that they do not consider an alternative, that is, they do not consider reaching an agreement with other formations.

He has celebrated that the secretary of organization of the PSC, Salvador Illa, is at the negotiating table; He recalled that the winning party of the general elections in Catalonia was ERC and the second was the PSC, and concluded: "In federal logic, the Catalan parties have much to say."

The Socialist stressed that, after the last meeting, both parties signed a joint statement in which it was found that "there is a political conflict in Catalonia", and has argued that the way to solve it must be based on law and dialogue.

Therefore, he has asked to let the negotiation take its course although, asked about the initial will of the Socialists to celebrate the investiture in 2019, he has stated: "ERC will share with us that going on Christmas holidays with a government would be good for everyone Yesterday, the unemployment data came out, the PISA report. We have many pending subjects. "


"We cannot continue with a paralysis, with a functioning Government that is very limited in its action. For the sake, not of party schedules, but for the common good, we are interested in it as soon as possible, but the processes of Negotiations have their time and, if they have to stretch a little more, it will have to be decided by the negotiators, "he reasoned.

Asked why the Socialists hold meetings with members of JxCat, she has defended that, if Sanchez wants to be invested, "she has to talk to everyone" and listen to the spokeswoman for the party in Congress, Laura Borràs.

However, he explained that JxCat, both through the mouth of the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, and Borràs, are putting on the table "frentist" thesis that he has described as unacceptable.

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