Granado advocates linking the new widow's pensions to the beneficiary's income | Economy

The Secretary of State of Social Security, Octavio Granado, believes that the new widowhood pensions for the beneficiaries' income. This is one of the measures that, in the opinion of the politician from Burgos, should adopt the next government to ensure the viability of the pension system, as explained at an event organized by the Association for the Progress of Management (APD).

In your intervention, Pomegranate has pointed out that it would always be a measure to be applied for new widow's pensions and that it should be done "slowly". Regarding current widow's pensions, the Secretary of State has affirmed that the Government "will only improve them".

"Widowhood pensions were generated for women who could not work," said Granado, after stating that it is necessary for Spanish society to indicate what to do with this benefit.

On the other hand, Granado has ensured that the net worth of Social Security, according to the general intervention, recorded a loss of 13,000 million in 2017 and will be around 32,000 million in 2018, with which the loss of heritage registered in the last seven years will be around 100,000 million.

"We have been accumulating imbalances, because we reduced salaries, but the benefits continued to be calculated as they were calculated before .. The only thing we did to reduce the increase in expenses was to correct the revaluation of pensions," he added.

Looking ahead to the next term, Granado hopes that the complementary social pension will have more prominence, because "the best solution is complementary social security and not the anticipation of retirement age." In this line, he said that those who retire early will have to quote more.

Also, in the long and medium term believes that measures must be taken to improve pensions by improving income. "We aspire not to that the system enters imbalance, but to have a balance of higher quality, charging more, without a doubt, but spending better," he remarked.

In this line, he also stressed that during this term has been discussing, without reaching an agreement, the possibility of increasing the contribution for contingencies and lower the unemployment rate, to end the deficit of Social Security, since in Currently, there is a surplus for unemployment.

He has also advocated promoting a family policy, which is necessary, and that does not go forward because of "the right rhetoric and allergy of the left". Likewise, he pointed out that, due to the population pyramid that Spain has, immigrants are necessary. "We must discuss what immigrants, how and even where, but we can not start from the basis that there are too many immigrants," he said, criticizing political speeches that say there are too many immigrants in the country.

"We do not have to be afraid to have reforms in the Social Security, we need reflections assumed by everyone that can stay and overcome the leaps that provoke the alternation of Government, because if we are able to do it, the Spanish Social Security will be fine" , Granado added, after stating that there are reasons for optimism and "not a reason for pessimism." "Given the problems of Social Security, it is appropriate to take care and not worry," he concluded.


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