Granada, unsealed well discovered by children of 4 and 10 years

Granada, unsealed well discovered by children of 4 and 10 years

The tragic outcome of the rescue of Julen, whose lifeless body was located After being trapped for thirteen days in a well in Totalán (Málaga), he opened the debate for monitoring the safety of the wells. In the last days, many neighbors have denounced the location in different points of Spain of unsealed wells.

One of those wells is located in the town of Acula in Granada, where two children of 10 and 4 years have discovered the hole open. The voice of alarm has been given by a neighbor through Twitter where he has posted the video. According to its author, it has been reported to the Civil Guard.

Illegal wells like that of Totalán (Málaga) in which Julen fell there are thousands in Andalusia, and its administrative control is complex because it is divided between the autonomous and central administrations, with the intervention of the Prosecutor's Office when a crime is committed.

The Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation (CHG), which covers almost all of Andalusia, has recorded in the last two years 943 administrative records for illegal exploration of groundwater.

This administration, which depends directly on the State, does not count the wells without water because they are not of its competence, according to a spokesman for the Government Delegation in Andalusia.

These surveys without water are the responsibility of the Directorate General of Industry, Energy and Mines, a body of the Junta de Andalucía that does not have an Andalusian record of all the wells and which accounts for each of the eight provinces of the community.

A source of the new Ministry of Finance, Industry and Energy of the Andalusian Government, which has the powers of these wells, has indicated to Efe that, in any case, it is thousands of these underground works.

Sources of the Environmental Prosecutor's Office of Seville, for their part, regret that there are countless unauthorized illegal wells, which when they are sealed are reopened because the seals are not effective.

The Office of the Prosecutor also adds that a perforation has no criminal repercussion and only entails an administrative infraction and a fine, which also takes time to pay or is never paid.

The intervention of the Environmental Prosecutor's Office occurs when the extraction of water is massive, it is done in an area protected by its environmental value or it affects an important aquifer, which, for example, in Seville occurs with two cases.

One of them, pending prosecution, affects an aquifer in the vicinity of the Doñana National Park and for doubling the extraction of permitted water, and the Prosecutor's Office requests between four years and six months in prison for five owners of a farm and payment to State 1.9 million euros as civil liability.

The prosecutor believes that between 2008 and 2013 – and despite having up to thirteen administrative files opened between 1997 and 2007 for extracting more water than the one assigned for irrigation – the co-owners of the Hato Blanco Viejo farm doubled every year the 3.481 .600 cubic meters of water that had been granted.


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