April 16, 2021

Granada shows interest in the 3,300 programs of the hand of journalist José Oriol Catena | Culture

Granada shows interest in the 3,300 programs of the hand of journalist José Oriol Catena | Culture

The City Council of Granada, through its mayor, Francisco Cuenca, has told this newspaper the intention to contact the owners of the collection of 3,288 hand programs of theater plays and variety shows that the journalist José Oriol Catena collected between 1879 and 1930. The regidor, of the PSOE, who knew of the existence of this legacy for the information of EL PAÍS, has indicated that he will contact the descendants of Oriol Catena because "it is an interesting collection for the city, from which it is necessary to determine its value and, where appropriate, study a formula so that it stays in Granada".

Oriol Catena (Granada, 1896-Madrid, 1960) was an outstanding journalist, later a teacher, who maintained his whole life a great passion to attend shows in his city and in Madrid, where he lived from 1931. In his youth, he was partner of Federico García Lorca in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Andalusian city. After the death of his widow, in 1979, the three children distributed hand programs and, five years ago, the family decided to reunite part of them for their study.

The stage in which Oriol Catena was a faithful spectator coincides with "a very creative moment in Granada", says Cuenca. "There were spaces like the Art Center, meeting place for thinkers and creators such as Manuel de Falla or Federico García Lorca, there are collections of all kinds, it could be a good place for Oriol Catena hand programs. Municipal, what would be a pity is that it be lost ", adds Cuenca.

Aware of this interest Granada City Council, Nicolás Oriol de Alarcón, son of José Oriol Catena, notes that "the main objective is to publish the book we have made and that contains all the information of the character and the file, for what we would need It would also include in conversations "the importance of launching a website with digitized programs, something we have." Nicolás Oriol adds that all this work done by the family in the last three years should be valued, so the legacy it would not be donated free of charge. " José María Oriol López, grandson of that passionate journalist of the theater, agrees with his uncle and explains that "an exhibition in Granada with the programs would be very good, with the approach of the value of that little Paris", which was what Falla called the group of intellectuals and artists who coincided in Granada at that stage and among those who were José Oriol Catena.


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