January 17, 2021

Gran Canaria’s Hardest Climb: foot against wheel at Pico de Las Nieves

A challenge. This Friday the Gran Canaria’s Hardest Climb will be held, an action promoted by the Gran Canaria Tourist Board that will be based on the spectacular southeast mountain pass that connects the neighborhoods of La Pasadilla and Cazadores.

From Ingenio (at an altitude of 335 meters) the challenge culminates in Pico de Las Nieves, at 1,940 meters, for a total of 23 kilometers. For this challenge, the most difficult section of said port has been selected, which adds a total of 5.2 kilometers and 600 meters of accumulated positive elevation gain, with slopes of up to 25% elevation.

To put this tough journey to the test, 4 elite athletes have been selected. The cyclist Luis Ángel Maté, recently signed by the Euskaltel Euskadi team and who has been a professional for 13 seasons, will be in charge of climbing the pass at the hands of his bicycle.

To match forces, three runners will be the ones who will fight against Luis Ángel Maté. Adidas team athletes Chema Martínez, Sheila Avilés and Pablo Villa will be relieved to face the cyclist on this vertical path. Thus, each of them will complete approximately 1.7 kilometers with 200 meters of positive elevation gain.


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