February 28, 2021

Gran Canaria will go up to alert 3 if it does not improve its epidemiological data

The president announced that Gran Canaria, in view of the evolution of epidemiological data in recent days, will go to level 3, on Sunday or Monday, or “to an expanded level two”, while Lanzarote is already at level three, Fuerteventura It also rises to level 2 and Tenerife, in decreasing evolution, could fall to level 2 if this trend is confirmed until the weekend.

In addition, the leader of the regional Executive announced that the forecast is that this weekend the administration of 100% of the vaccines received in the Canary Islands will be achieved.

Tenerife has been in the last days at level 3 of the coronavirus alert, and those same restrictions will now apply to Lanzarote, and probably also to Gran Canaria (The situation on this island will be analyzed on Saturday and if approved, the new alert would go into effect next Monday). But what does it imply?

  • He capacity between non-cohabitants in spaces of public and private use will be a maximum of four users per table in the hotel and restaurant establishments. This exception excludes the rest of the spaces, which will be limited to cohabitants.
  • In the mentioned establishments of consumption of drink and food, the use of interior spaces will be prohibited and, in addition, they must close before 10 pm.
  • Circulation is limited at night (curfew) from 10 pm to 6 am, except for justified trips.
  • Regarding the performance of sport activity, It is only allowed in outdoor spaces (with gym closings and derivatives). Outdoor practice will have to be individual and provided that you can maintain a distance of 2 meters. The big federated competitions are not affected.
  • Nor may visits to hospitals and social health centers, except for situations necessary at the discretion of the physician or the center. Likewise, the exits of residents in centers for the elderly are suspended, except in special cases.
  • For his part, public transport it will have a limited capacity of 50%.
  • The casinos gambling halls, bingo halls, recreational and gaming halls, external betting venues and other premises and facilities similar to those for recreational gaming and betting activities will have to be closed.
  • The entry and exit of people, except for those adequately justified trips.



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