Gran Canaria will dictate sentence

Tenerife takes advantage in the tie. The goalkeeper Álvaro Valles again avoided a heavier defeat

PETER GARCIA Santa Cruz of Tenerife

UD Las Palmas will have to come from behind this Saturday in a packed Gran Canaria Stadium if they want to be in the final tie for promotion to the First Division. Last night they lost the first round of the semifinal against CD Tenerife (1-0). García Pimienta's team lost unbeaten twelve games later. As the great Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa used to say, "when victories continue to get longer, defeat is always closer."
Las Palmas had to experience the worst part, as a result of their bad game.

And it all started with bad news. The striker Sadiku, due to a muscle injury, was the main absence of Las Palmas in the starting eleven. Instead,
García Pimienta opted for Rafa Mujica, little participative in attack and always surpassed by the Tenerife defense. In the second half he was substituted along with Jesé Rodríguez, unknown.

For his part, the coach of CD Tenerife, Luis Miguel Ramis, unsatisfied with his team in the last month of competition, modified the starting eleven by introducing Mellot on the left instead of Pomares, Carlos Ruiz for Sipcic, in the center of the defense, and Bermejo by Elady as Gallego's attack partner. Las Palmas put a stop to Tenerife's initial momentum with long-possession football. An erratic game, full of inaccuracies due to how much was at stake.

The yellows dominated the ball more, although the genius was lacking in the last meters.
Neither team prevailed over the other. It was good for Las Palmas that time was passing and he left the chicharrero team to take risks when the ball came out.

The party went crazy in three minutes. Jonathan Viera appeared with a center shot that Moore headed under the sticks (min. 26). Immediately afterwards, a great pass from Alexandre Corredera sent Enric Gallego acrobatically to the crossbar. They were the best minutes of CD Tenerife. The blue and white team insisted so much that they found the moment to take the lead in the tie with a goal by José León (min. 36). His shot inside the area was deflected by Mfulu and overcame the goalkeeper from Gran Canaria, who started his stretch to the opposite side.

Las Palmas entered a worrying game crisis, it faded on the Heliodoro pitch, and if it weren't for the two masterful interventions with the foot of its goalkeeper, to shots by Mario González and Enric Gallego, it would be lamenting in the locker room of a larger result against. Even so, Sergi Cardona had the tie in the last action of the first half, but again, on the goal line, José León put his leg in to get the ball when the yellow fans were already singing the goal. The best news is that Iglesias Villanueva whistled the way to the locker room.

It was time to reset, but without haste. He came out bossy Las Palmas after the break and a shot by Kirian before 46 deflected Soriano for a corner. Tenerife took refuge in their field to protect that golden goal that they had ahead. In the physical and in the divided balls, he almost always prevailed over those who wore yellow.

Las Palmas pulled out its claws that did not give up and in two blows
Rober and Kirian brought silence to Rodríguez López. The ball did not want to go in.

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