Gran Canaria welcomes the first Scientific and Cultural Athenaeum

Juan José Laforet, Daniel Montesdeoca, Beatriz Morales. Adrián Santana and Nira Cabrera during the founding act of the Ateneo in the Castle of Mata. / cover

The provincial initiative, led by Professor Beatriz Morales, celebrated its foundation on Monday at the Castillo de Mata Museum in the capital of Gran Canaria

The Castillo de Mata Museum in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria celebrated this Monday the birth of the first
Scientific and Cultural Athenaeum of Las Palmasa new itinerant space created for dialogue, interaction, creation, interdisciplinarity and the free expression of ideas, of the cultural and scientific scene of the Canary Islands.

«We created this itinerant space, as an umbrella for cultural thought. We noticed the lack in the city –and on the island in general– of a space for debate and reflection where they could put on the table
cross-cutting themes that brought together all of culture and science of our province”, clarified Adrián Santana, director of the recently announced group, during the presentation of the foundation, this Monday.

Beatriz Morales, executive president and Adrián Santana, director of the Ateneo de Las Palmas. /


For her part, Beatriz Morales, indicated during the opening ceremony, the values ​​pursued by this athenaeum. "We created a space where we can discuss the
different branches of knowledgebut also a space for creation,” said Morales.

In addition, he emphasized the importance of the use of the new communication codes, «We do not forget to
digitization. We are aware that the century in which we live was the beginning of the digital age and therefore many of our activities, in addition to their dissemination, will be carried out in this way”, said the young president.

The commitment to transversality marks the transformation of the cultural scene in the province

Several personalities from the areas of music, theater, science or fine arts, leaders in the Archipelago, did not hesitate to join this project. “We have the experience of experts in each field. We are like a Greek 'trireme', where
we are all rowing together towards our destiny that is none other than to add and contribute to the cultural and scientific development of this city, yes, without profit from the field of civic awareness, "said Santana.

Experts and referents

The Athenaeum will divide the entire set of activities to be developed by areas, being directed by: José Gilberto Moreno, director of the Elder Museum, will lead Science and Health. It will coordinate Innovation and Economy,
Roberto Moreno Diaz, manager of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Dania Dévora, will organize the Music, Theater and Dance section.
Daniel Montesdeocadirector of the Néstor Museum, will develop Fine Arts.

The general coordinator of the Castillo de Mata Museum, José Aguiar, will be in charge of Heritage. The psychologist, Blas Rodríguez Armas, will complete the area of ​​Psychology and Philosophy. The professor and cultural activist Yolanda Ortega will lead Solidaridad. The founder of Tertulia y Arte,
Nira Cabrerawill promote Communication.

The cultural promoter and activist José Godoy will contribute to Social Action and
Francesca Quintana, director of the School of Computer Engineering at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will launch Education. Noelia Gil, in Geography and History, Alejandro Betancor, in charge of the Debate and Ideas Society, and Luis Carrascosa, will be in charge of International Relations and Political Science.

Free cultural space

Its start is non-profit, so any interested party can participate at no cost. All that citizen, artist, writer, who wants to be part of the space, will only have to register through the web. Its intention is to reach all the neighborhoods, municipalities and islands of the province. “That we first want to get to know each other and create.
Zero fee to start", said.

Restlessness and experience were the engine of the project

The restlessness and the will of the young experts
Adrian Santana (historian and doctoral student in History) and
Beatrice Morales (Professor of Spanish Language and Literature and doctoral candidate in Linguistic and Literary Studies) and the extensive experience of its board of directors formed by Jerónimo Saavedra, honorary president, the writer Mayte Martín, vice president, the chronicler Juan José Laforet, as secretary, and Mariola Marrero , treasurer of the foundation, made a project that had been "months" in the making come true.

Beatrice Morales. / cover

«The first activity of the athenaeum will have the contribution of the Canarian citizens, in July»

Beatriz Morales, president of the entity, announced this Monday some of the actions that the Scientific and Cultural Athenaeum of Las Palmas will carry out. "In the first activity, there will be contributions from all citizens," Morales said. From the 'Citizen Participation' section and entitled 'Design the Ateneo de Las Palmas with your own eyes', the first activity of the foundation proposes a digital contest to create a loo that represents the foundation. “We want citizens to give identity to their athenaeum. The contest will start in July and end in September," said President Morales.

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