Gran Canaria wants its House of Mathematics

Sergio de la Fe and Agar Arrocha.

Sergio de la Fe and Agar Arrocha.

The Canarian Society of Teachers of Mathematics 'Isaac Newton' promotes before Ministry of Education, Culture and Sportsyes, and the City Hall of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the transfer of use of educational facilities to host the headquarters of the 'House Museum of Divulgative and Educational Mathematics' of Gran Canaria. The president of the Insular Federation of Ampas 'Galdós', Sergio de la Fe, after learning about the project in detail, has joined the demand for the island to have this educational, informative and cultural infrastructure, which it pursues, among other things , the improvement of mathematical skills in Canarian students as well as an approach to society and the world of culture

De la Fe received at the institutional headquarters of Fapa Galdós to the president of the Society, Agar Arrocha, who made him participate in the project that has already been developed in the city of La Laguna for ten years (House Museum of Educational Mathematics of The lagoon), and which has been proposed to be replicated in the disused facilities of the CEIP Canteras de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. After the approval and the interest shown both by the management of the educational center, as well as by the Councilor for Education, Lourdes Armas, it is awaiting final approval by the Territorial Directorate of Education in Las Palmas.

One of the annual projects of the Canarian Society of Mathematics Teachers It consists of the preparation of high school students for the National Olympiad. It also performs in the Canary Islands the tests of the regional and national Mathematics Olympiads for 6th Primary (Alevin) and 2nd Secondary (Junior). In fact, a student from Tenerife has won this year with the victory in the XXVI Junior National Mathematical Olympiad.

Among other matters discussed at the meeting, the public interest shown by the rector of the ULPGC, Lluis Serra Majem, to teach the Degree in Mathematics at the capital university, since at present it is only possible to study it at the University of La Laguna. De la Fe and Arrocha celebrated this commitment that will undoubtedly stimulate interest in a fundamental science for the economic and social development of the Island.

Arrocha explained the different projects that are developed in collaboration with the Cabildo de Tenerife, the City Council of La Laguna, the University of La Laguna, and now also with the Department of Mathematics of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


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