Gran Canaria Urbaser exhibits hunger and morale for the Iberdrola League final

Gran Canaria Urbaser exhibits hunger and morale for the Iberdrola League final

Sulián Matienzo attends to the media. / C7


Staff and board trust in an Insular Sports Center to burst in the matches on Saturday and Sunday

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The final is already around the corner. CV Gran Canaria Urbaser finalizes the details of the preparation of its confrontation against Sanaya Libby's La Laguna in
the Final of the Iberdrola Volleyball League that will begin to be played this Saturday (6:00 p.m.) and this Sunday (12:00 p.m.) at the Insular Sports Center. Before the start of the fight for the title, Sulián Matienzo and Manolo Campos show their feelings a few days before the start of this spectacular battle that has as an incentive that it is a derby.

Sulián Matienzo and Manolo Campos analyze the start of the Iberdrola League Final. The Cuban player and the president of CV Gran Canaria Urbaser explain their feelings a few days after the start of the battle.

“We are very happy to have reached the final. It was a bit difficult for us at the beginning in the semi-finals, but in the end we achieved our goal. I
I think there are no differences between the final we played last season and this one. We are going to fight it like we did last year and hopefully we can lift the trophy again”, commented the player Sulián Matienzo in the previous one.

"Winning both games at home would give us strength"

The key will be building muscle at home. «
If we win the first two games here at the Centro Insular de Deportes, I think we would go to Tenerife a little calmer. That would give us some margin, because we would know that if we lose both games there we would have another chance at home. At CID we played very well and we haven't lost yet », he said.

«The first thing I have to say is that I feel very happy to be in the final. On a personal level, I feel really good.
I'm in good physical condition, but my idea is to continue working in these last few games to be able to reach the goal. Winning a title is very important in a player's life. For me it would be to fulfill the fundamental objective of the season", confessed the Urbaser player.

A final with tradition

“I hope to win, without a doubt. We are excited. It is a historic final. It has been 16 years since the last time two teams from the Canary Islands met in a final of such an important competition. We are very excited, "explained President Manolo Campos.

«I think we have reached the important moment of the season in an ideal state of form, both physically and in terms of the game.
I am very satisfied with the performance of the equipmentbut I am even more excited about this final”, he continued.

“Winning would be a recognition of the thirty years that we have been working like little ants, little by little. Last year we won the League, this year the Super Cup. It would be an accolade to our work and a good way to attract attention. We live in a society that feeds on success. We had almost five hundred people in the semis and this weekend we expect more. People move by successes and by the adrenaline of certain moments », he added.
«That the final is a derby makes it more special. Volleyball is the only discipline where there has been a top category final between Canarian teams. That makes it a little more special for the public. The famous island rivalry draws attention, but we must focus on Sanaya Libby's La Laguna », he concluded.

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