April 14, 2021

Gran Canaria, to the rhythm of'Trans' – The Province

Gran Canaria, to the rhythm of'Trans' - The Province

In the emblematic environment of the Dunes of Maspalomas, Transgrancanaria 2019 experienced its official launch. The mountain race, which celebrates its twentieth edition and will take place from 20 to 24 this month, has become one of the benchmarks in Europe. This is supported by their numbers. The test will have six modalities, in which 3,980 runners (2,990 men and 990 women) from 68 nationalities will participate; of them, 1808 registered come from foreigners and 2,818 runners from outside the Island.

In this 2019, the Transgrancanaria enters for the first time in the Series Bonus category, being the third test of the Ultra Trail World Tour. In addition, the route has varied trying to show other emblematic places of the Gran Canaria territory. The Promo, a softer mode that shares a journey with the Youth and the Family, consists of a 17-kilometer route; This will begin in the Sioux City area and will arrive at the Expomeloneras Convention Center, crossing the entire coast. A total of 397 runners will participate in the Promo, 27 in the Youth and 91 in the Family.

In the Starter category, the starting arch will be in the Chira dam, a spectacular place that has already been passed by the Transgrancanaria in previous editions. The route will coincide with that of the longest distances from the provisioning of the Morro de la Hierba Huerto, very close to the Chira dam. This modality, which will gather 690 runners, has a distance of 30 kilometers and 688 meters of positive elevation gain.

The Marathon modality consists of 42 kilometers, most of them in descent. In any case, 879 runners will have to overcome a positive drop of 1,000 meters. The tour allows you to enjoy a spectacular part of the island, narrow, elaborate paths and adorned with a green blanket characteristic of the Canarian winter. The Advance modality will gather 869 participants to overcome the 3,200 meters of positive altitude and 65 kilometers of the route.

The test reigns, the Transgrancanaria, has 931 participants, a route of 128 kilometers and a positive height difference of 7,500 meters. It will be part of the next edition of the Ultra Trail World Tour, and will also be one of the five races that will make up the Ultra Trail Series, which have a higher score in the annual ranking of the Ultra Trail World Tour.

The Transgrancanaria 360 has 86 runners, a route of 264 kilometers and a positive difference of 13,265 meters. The test will award 6 qualification points for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc . Fernando González, organizer, stressed that the organization will change in the next edition the tour of the Promo modality in its entirety, just as the Starter will also undergo modifications.

The president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, did not hesitate to emphasize the impact of this event. "The Transgrancanaria encourages the diversification of our tourism and is a test that keeps growing." Also Ángel Víctor Torres, counselor of sports del Cabildo, emphasized on several occasions that this race has managed to take a place among the five most important races in the world. In addition, he added that "among the 150 sporting events that are held each year the Island, 24 are international in nature, among which the Transgrancanaria stands out".

Inés Jiménez, Councilor for Tourism of the Cabildo, underlined the comments made by the previous speakers and highlighted the global relevance of this "emblematic" career. In fact, "the Transgrancanaria is located on the world map as a tourist and sporting event". For this reason, from the counseling we collaborate with the race "to bring national and international journalists in order to increase the promotion and impact of the test". Noteworthy is the presence of specialized media from the United States, England, Italy, France or China.

Subsequently, the sports councilor of the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Aridany Romero, devoted a few minutes to explain how the Transgrancanaria is a great contribution to the capital, especially to the Canarian youth, thanks to the inclusion for the first year of the KIDS category, a race that involves the little ones.

This year the Transgrancanaria will distribute 9,000 euros in cash. The winners of the queen modality, the Transgrancanaria of 128 kilometers will receive economic prizes for the first time in the history of the race. These will be distributed as follows: The first three athletes will receive prizes of 2,000, 1,500 and 1,000 euros respectively in the men's and women's categories. The winners of the other modalities will obtain prizes from the collaborating brands and from the organization itself.


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