Gran Canaria Sum Festival: Pop that says goodbye September - La Provincia

The Gran Canaria Sum Festival arrived this Saturday at the second edition of the Infecar car parks before some 7,000 spectators, according to the organization. A festival that is due to pop and that crossed midnight to the rhythm of the repertoire of Fangoria, Elephants and Texas.

An experience that goes beyond what a medium format festival offers in the island market, with an event that seeks to strengthen the brand, inside and outside the Canary Islands, to position itself with its own name and differentiated offer in the national circuit. With these attractions, the second edition of the Gran Canaria Sum Festival was presented this Saturday. Waiting to know how many spectators moved from the Peninsula - last year were 2,700- the numbers of this second edition point to a higher influx in the public as a whole: the data handled by the organization at 10 pm, was about Approximately 7,000, when the headliners remained to act: Fangoria, the Alaskan duo and Nacho Canut, on their thirty-year tour; Elephants, with Shuarma, in front, which he repeated for the second consecutive year; the Scottish band Texas, which was scheduled to go on stage at 1.00; and Carlos Sadness, at 2:30.

The Sum Festival seeks to strengthen brand and public loyalty. Proof of this is that last night the ticket was offered for next year, on September 26, at the price of 15 euros, without knowing the poster. Further. The organization announced the return of Bikini Pop in May 2020; and a new festival that appears on the horizon: World Music Gran Canaria, next January.

Infecar, which in memory seems like a hostile space for a festival of this type, was transformed at the convenience of the Sum into a comfortable venue for the public, with two scenarios well resolved in the technical and visual, in which the concerts, without overlapping, with British precision. And areas of restoration, rest and services according to the capacity.

The doors opened after 5.30 pm with the earliest public. The Guineo Tiñerfeños presided over the live round whose first national stop came with the Granada Mutant Children. With 'Balada del hombre libre', from his latest album 'Ten', a concert began with which they closed this year's tour. 'Pura vida', gesture by the fires of August; and old as 'Shipwrecked', completed a set that gave way to the Madrid sidecars, also closing tour with 'Matter of gravity'. From Madrid to Murcia with Second and the repertoire of 'Rings and roots'; and back to Madrid, with Fangoria and his 'Extrapolations and two questions' ..., of which they sounded, among other hits and versions with new anniversary outfit such as, 'Stories of love', from OBK. Electrical problems, a generator, forced to stop the Fangoria show in the face of public confusion. After about 20 minutes, the music was playing again.

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