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Gran Canaria says goodbye to Martn Chirino after his "meeting with the end of the spiral" - La Provincia

Gran Canaria says goodbye to Martn Chirino after his "meeting with the end of the spiral" - La Provincia

"You will have already found this passionate seeker where the spiral of the wind ends, in the Father's embrace", comforted yesterday the Bishop of the Diocese of the Canary Islands, Francisco Cases, to the family and friends of Martín Chirino (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1925 -Madrid, 2019) during the mass in memory of the grancanario sculptor after his recent death at the age of 94 in the Spanish capital.

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Although "for all artists, for all artisans of iron and fire, just as we have an artisan God who made us mud and breathed us into spirit", the prelate did not remember the National Prize for Plastic Arts ("I am not competent, it would be presumptuous that I went to where he does not call me ") but to the person," a man firm in his roots: his mother and his Canarian land, he taught me to be religious and I do not want to fail him ", quoted Cases to Chirino himself to highlight the influence maternal in the catholic faith of the island sculptor, of faithful attendance at the Sunday eucharist in his parish of Morata de Tajuña.

Despite his Madrid residence during the last decades, after traveling the world throughout his career, he also always felt the influence of the terroir "the artisan of the forge and iron, who from his years as a child in the beach of Las Canteras discovered the mysterious starting point of the spiral of the wind ", added in his homily Francisco Cases before a temple matrix full of people to the side chapels, even with people standing next to the accesses, to offer the last farewell to Martín Chirino, waiting for the transfer and deposit of his ashes from the Peninsula to the Archipelago for a definitive break in the cemetery of Vegueta, in fact, "everything was born here, in his hometown and his beach of Las Canteras", confirmed the Editorial Advisor Iberian Press, Guillermo García-Alcalde, who intervened at the end of the ceremony at the request of the family after the participation of two relatives during the mass.

"Absorbed in contemplation, he penetrated the soul of the wind and gave it material corporeality, its irons belie the gravity because they are flying", said García-Alcalde, the creation of Martín Chirino in front of his daughter, Marta, his son-in-law, Eduardo Rodríguez, granddaughters, Ines and Clara, in addition to the painter Rafael Monagas as collaborator of the sculptor for more than four decades. In the other bank of the first row, the president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales, the mayor of the capital city, Augusto Hidalgo, the councilor of tourism, Culture and Sports of the Autonomous Government, Isaac Castellano, and the state deputy of Nueva Canarias by Las Palmas, Pedro Quevedo, main institutional representatives in a cathedral that also welcomed artists and intellectuals such as Pepe Dámaso, Eugenio Padorno, Ángel Luis Aldai or Maximiano Ragpicker.

Less Funeral Requiem

Already under the direction of Luis García Santana, the Choir of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria performed works by Johannes Brahms ( Introduction, Song of Destiny, Op 54, at the entrance), Gabriel Fauré ( Final of the Requiem in D minor, Op. 48, in the offertory; and In paradisum of the same piece in the farewell) and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ( Lacrimosa, Requiem Mass in D minor, K. 626). Not in vain, "this great artist was deeply sensitive to music," said his friend and music lover Guillermo García-Alcalde before explaining that the French composer Gabriel Fauré signed at the end of the 19th century "the least funky requiem, the most hope in the eternal life of those who were conceived. "

"Give them eternal rest, Lord, and light for them eternal light," begins the work to conclude with the verse "that the angels take you to paradise," explained the former director of the PROVINCE / Diary of Las Palmas on the main musical choice of a Eucharist concelebrated by the Claretian priest Pedro Fuertes with the cathedral canons José Washerwoman and Julio Sánchez. In the opinion of García-Mayor, excited during the reading in the presbytery, "generations will pass and we will all be forgotten, except for those who have made them the repositories of an immortal legacy." Martín Chirino has not died. spirituality, its moral quality and its sense of beauty ".

In the absence of the next intimate ceremony in the cemetery of Vegueta, still undated, the Cathedral of Santa Ana began to close the vital spiral of the also Gold Medal of Fine Arts after almost a century of existence, although its iron and fire works will last for centuries throughout the planet . "A spiral is the beginning and the end: backwards and forwards is the same, it is the beginning of life and the other: its ellipses, I do not know where a work begins and where it ends, and that is the spiral", Martin Chirino himself wrote about his iconic inspiration, present from the beginning and to the conclusion, from the welcome and even the farewell in an infinite movement. Rest in peace.


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