January 21, 2021

Gran Canaria receives one and a half million euros from La Primitiva – La Provincia

Gran Canaria receives one and a half million euros from La Primitiva - La Provincia

Add and follow. Gran Canaria it is still fertile ground for fortune. An island administration has been awarded a first-class prize of the Draw of the Primitive, celebrated this Saturday, October 20, as reported Lotteries and State Bets.

Specifically, it has been in the receiving office 44,545, located in Avenida de Canarias, 379, in Neighborhood, within the municipality of Santa Lucia de Tirajana.

You already know what it is to share your fortune. The last occasion was on September 13 when he granted a second prize of the Bonoloto.

The lucky combination has been on 03, 12, 19, 20, 24 and 39. The complementary has been the 45, and the refund, the 8. The number Joker has been 7003139.

Of third category (5 hits plus the complementary) there were 8 successful tickets, valued at 29,541.21.

At Draw of La Primitiva there are no Special Category tickets (6 hits + Reimbursement), so with the generated pot that will be put into play in the next draw of La Primitiva, a single winner of First Category with Special Category could win 48,000,000.00 euros

The first prize of the Lottery falls in Carrizal

In the draw for this Saturday of the National Lottery the first prize, 88894, has played in Carrrizal, in the grancanario municipality of Ingenio, and also it was distributed in Guadalajara and Almería. Each acertante will take 60,000 euros.

In Ingenio it was the point of sale of the street Carlos V, number 56, where the tenth winner was validated.


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