August 4, 2021

Gran Canaria Marilia triumphs with Ella Baila Sola

Gran Canaria Marilia triumphs with Ella Baila Sola

Another week in the most famous Academy of television. On the night of this Wednesday, the fourth gala of Operation Triumph 2018 where the mallorqun Joan Garrido he left with 35% of the votes with the theme of 'Bed I made' While Tinerfeo Damion was saved with the 65% that interpret 'Give me love'

"We have seen the best Damion and to the best Joan of the finery we wear ", affirms Ana Torraja." As you have sung today, you would have liked to sing on the street, in a stadium or on a plat. You have been able to transmit magic, "David Otero added about the canary.

"I have doubted you in all the finery, except in today's, tonight I want to invite you to three things: to keep pulling out that Damion of the street; I want to invite you to see the concert Ed Sheeran This summer with your girlfriend, "Joe Prez told Damion to announce that this week is saved from the burning of the nominations.

The other Canarian representative, Marilia Monzn, interpret a duet with Marta on the theme of She dances Alone 'We draw lots'

"It's funny how the vibrations of people connect, I connect with you, you make it easy, natural, you get there and you do not know why," he said. David Otero about the galdense that one more week crosses the catwalk.

The Gala 5 of OT 2018 will take place next Wednesday October 24 at 22:30 hours (UTC +2) in La1 TVE. Carlos Right Y Dave They are the nominees. Who will be the next to leave?


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