Gran Canaria is done with Pancho Camurria - La Provincia

The Terrero Cabo Blanco of the municipality of Tenerife of Arona was the stage where the selections of La Palma, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria participated, the arbitration trio being composed by Samuel Cabrera de La Palma, who led the final, Luisa Bouquets from Tenerife and Sebastián Caballero from Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria achieves the title for the third consecutive year and now add 10 in the 37 editions, for one of Fuerteventura and Tenerife that has obtained it on 20 occasions, he was third in this final by beating La Palma 12-3.

The selection of Gran Canaria won all their matches 12-8 to Lanzarote and 12-11 to Tenerife, passing as the first group to the semifinals, where they beat La Palma 12-4. Fuerteventura, meanwhile, won La Palma 12-8 in the quarterfinals and Tenerife 12-10 in the semifinals.

The prize for the most outstanding fighter of the final was deservedly for Kilian lion, of the Adargoma, when knocking 5 rivals, among them Rafael Elvira by giving him both in a row in the final hold. He was followed in merit by his clubmate Yereamy Dévora and Efraín Guedes, who plays in the Saladar de Jandia, who took both Adrián González and Dominic Roger, the other two figures of the majorero side, from a short struggle. The wide difference in the scoreboard did not need to leave the most outstanding youth of the selected Grancanario.

With Gabriel Ramírez and Miguel Hernández Negrín as selectors, Gran Canaria formed with Kilian León, Yeremay Dévora and Yenedey Pérez del Adargoma, Efraín Guedes and José Antonio Monzón of Saladar de Jandía, Adasat Florido and Ernesto Chávez of the Doctoral Union, Saúl Jiménez del Maxorata, Yerover García del Tetir, Javier González from Union Galdar, Abián Sánchez from Tazacorte de La Palma, Kristofer Santana from Los Guanches de Arucas and Giovanni Díaz from Castro Morales de Telde.


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