Gran Canaria hosts the filming of Finland’s ‘reality shows’ ‘Paradise Hotel’

The island of Gran canaria has been chosen by the production company Banijay, in collaboration with the Canary Islands Macaronesia Films, to roll the reality shows of Finland ‘Paradise Hotel’, which is broadcast through Ruud.

To do this, a group of young Finns who participate in the program have flown from Finland to Gran Canaria where they will remain locked in a luxurious villa in the south of the island for a month, in which they will face multiple tests and games to finally the winner receives a prize of 15,000 euros, as reported by Macaronesia Films in a press release.

Thus, the project has meant that a team of more than 60 people They have moved to the island, all staying in a tourist complex in the south of Gran Canaria, since for a whole month they will work to guarantee the success of this production.

Also in this edition Alma Hätönen She will be in charge of presenting it, after it became known in her country after going through the reality shows Big Brother and Survivors. Thus, she will be in charge of combining her work as host of this television program with the live broadcast from Gran Canaria of the HitMix radio program together with her partner Tuomas Rajala, who has also traveled to the island.

On the other hand, they indicate that this project “is being especially rigorous “with the protocols Covid, since the situation in Finland “is being especially tough in this new wave”, so the production company “has decided to tighten the controls, putting the entire team in quarantine before the trip, testing and chartering an exclusive plane and creating a bubble “for the participants, where to avoid any possible contact that could cause contagion, also taking advantage of the fact that in Gran Canaria the covid situation” is relatively controlled.

Currently, they point out, the current restrictions caused by the coronavirus “are hindering” the filming of this type of programs in destinations such as the Caribbean or Asia due to the situation of the pandemic, however they are finding in Gran Canaria, “due to its climate, its health system and relatively low number of cases, an ideal place not to “stop its emission.

Specifically, in recent months the island has hosted reality shows such as Paradise Hotel Finland, Love Island Norway and Holland, Blind Dates England and it is expected that next month the filming of Love Island Spain presented by Cristina Pedroche placeholder image.


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