July 5, 2020

Gran Canaria expects a bridge last December for water – La Provincia

Gran Canaria will have a bridge last december by water. The Aemet anticipates that Thursday and Friday will occur precipitations, that could be strong, with winds with strong intervals. Meanwhile, from Saturday the possibility of weak rainfall in the north of the islands will persist.

Is about the repercussions of DANA (isolated atmospheric depression) that affects the Mediterranean peninsular areas these days and that will be noticed in the Canary Islands. The DANA is produced by the collision of a mass of cold air in height with the hot air of the surface, produces showers and intense storms, such as those suffered by the Peninsula in recent days.

In this way, the weak rains of this start of the week will continue. And this Tuesday, 6.8 liters per square meter were registered in Vega de San Mateo at most of the Island, followed by 4.2 by Tejeda and 3 by Teror. A dew that this Wednesday, according to Aemet, will continue as it estimates in the north a predominance of cloudy skies with weak rains that could be locally moderated in the afternoon, especially in medians. In the rest, cloudy intervals with low probability of weak and scattered showers. Meanwhile, the maximum temperatures will not register changes and the minimum temperatures will be in slight decrease in the interior. The north component wind from weak to moderate, with breezes on south coasts.

The coastal waters expect north winds of force 4 or 5, locally 6 at the west end, easing during the morning at 3 or 4, locally 5 on the west coast. Dizzy or heavy swell. On the southern coasts, variable 2 to 4 and marejadilla. North or northwest sea bottom around 3 meters decreasing to 2 at the end of the day.

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