July 31, 2021

Gran Canaria ensures this course the tricks in the educational centers

The Canary Wrestling School Project, an initiative that will bring basic notions for the initiation of boys and girls into our vernacular sport to the classrooms of schools and institutes on the island of Gran Canaria, will continue this season. This renewed version of the initiative opts for alternative learning paths within the discipline within the context that is lived.

The agreement was recently closed between the Technical Director of the Insular Sports Institute of Gran Canaria, Agustín Morales, with Adexe Rodríguez, director of the initiative, and José Antonio Caballero, acting president of the Canary Island Wrestling Federation of Gran Canaria, who confirmed a project that will be presented today.

Although this initiative has been a benchmark in sports training for several seasons, the methodology has been adapted through different multimedia resources which can be used by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, not only for this project, but also for others related to dissemination and promotion of vernacular sport in the future.


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