Gran Canaria domain in the National Bodyboard League in Arucas

Gran Canaria domain in the National Bodyboard League in Arucas

A lot of quality was seen in Arucas. / c7

Presence of Canarian riders such as Carlos Suárez or Javier Domínguez in the Open category, Jonathan Vega and Abián Perdomo in the Master class or Lucas Vega in Junior Bodyboard


Almost a hundred athletes started the competition with a sunny day on the beach of San Andrés (Arucas), "spectacular" to see the riders compete from the coast, according to representatives of the Oleaje Surfing Club, organizers of the
«Arucas Oleaje Bodyboard Contest 2022»together with the Spanish Surfing Federation and the Canarian Surf Federation.

On this first day the qualifying rounds of the
categories Open, Master, Children Sub14, Cadet sub16 and Youth sub18 maleso this Saturday the semifinals and finals of the 9 contemplated categories will be played, including female Bodyboard, Dropknee, Alevín sub12 and Juvenile sub18 female.

In the Open category, Canarian riders have proven to be up to the task, flying over any wave, no matter how small it might be. «
We have seen spectacular aerial maneuvers, especially from Canarian riders like Carlos Suárez (Open), Jonathan Vega (Open and Master) or Javier Domínguez (Open), performing backflips (backflip) on the crest of the wave and flying over it, "said Óscar Socorro, chief judge of the event.

For Armide Soliveres, three times champion of Spain, the conditions have not helped much, since there were waves but
"was a bit loose", so he only found a few "long waves" that would give him a score to pass the heat and reach the semifinal. "For tomorrow I will try to win the championship, although I hope that better waves will come," said the 2018 Junior World Champion and of Europe for national teams.

Among those over 35 years of age (Master category), the current Spanish Open champion, Jonathan Vega, qualified with the best score of the day (10.73 points), the result of adding his two best waves. The rider from Teldense also qualified for the semifinal of the Open category. «
Although in almost all the sleeves I have started lastI have been able to come back and I have passed two sleeves as first, the truth is that I have been lucky chaining sums and looking for a good wave to make a difference, "explained Vega, who has already accumulated 2 titles in the Master category.

In his opinion, the participation is very good and the level is quite high. «It has been a beautiful day,
conditions varied greatly depending on the tide, although there were waves with enough quality”, added the Canarian rider. Two other competitors from Gran Canaria are following him closely, Roberto San Román and Abián Perdomo, the first Spanish champion in the Master category, who has already accumulated 3 titles.

the canarian competitors
youngest competing in the Bodyboard categories Junior proved to be at the level of the elders during this first day of competition. Among the youngest in the sub14 category, Lucas Vega stands out, followed by Magüe Estupiñán and Hugo Medina.

«The level of the youngsters is very good, they could compete with anyone in the Open category, and
this is very good for sports and for this type of event, since they will be the ones who represent us and take bodyboarding to the top”, commented Jonathan Vega. In the sub16 modality, Jorge Hernández, Néstor José and Ariel Cruz are positioned with the most points. While in the sub18 class, José Raúl Jiménez stands out in first place, followed by Yúbal Pérez and Gadiel Martel.

Alexandra Rinder will be in Arucas

The Canarian rider, Alexandra Rinder, two-time world bodyboard champion, will compete this Saturday in the women's Open category of the "Arucas Oleaje Bodyboard Contest 2022". But in
This modality also highlights other competitors like Ilenia Suárez, from Gran Canaria, who has been champion of Spain and the Canary Islands in bodyboarding, so the women's final will give a lot of entertainment.

I am super excited, I have competed many times here and, in fact, my principles have been in this place, but more than anything I want to have fun and take that first position, "said the competitor who currently resides in Tenerife.

In addition to the women's Open category, there will also be a specific sub18 women's modality, whose title will also be played directly this Saturday, as well as the Dropknee and men's sub12 categories. The “Arucas Oleaje Bodyboard Contest 2022” is the first scoring event for the national 100% Bodyboard League, and it is also
Qualifying for the final of the Spanish FESurfing Bodyboard Championship 2022 which will take place in Gáldar. The results of the competition can be followed live on the official website of the event.

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