July 25, 2021

Gran Canaria Cristina Ramos shines in La Voz Mexico – La Provincia

Gran Canaria Cristina Ramos shines in La Voz Mexico - La Provincia

The Gran Canaria singer Cristina Ramos has literally left the coaches of La Voz Mexico open on Sunday in her first performance and thanks to a combination of The Traviata, the opera of Giuseppe Verdi, and an electric and rock version of the classic album Its raining men.

"Cristina Ramos impacted the coaches of La Voz Mexico with her great voice and turned the chair of the four", recognizes the program itself in their social networks.

Of course, "the decision we will know next week" during the next hearing program, they explain. Ramos appeared on stage in a long, festive and red dress to sing the operatic part and soon tore it off to surprise with its characteristic strength thanks to a version of the success of The weather girls.

The Canarian faced the final part of her performance with a lot of claw and sheathed in a blue sequined dress, while she snatched the shouts and applause from the whole enclosure and managed to get several of the great singers who act as sponsors of the program ended up on their tables .

The impact of Gran Canaria was immediately apparent, as the coaches -Carlos Rivera, Maluma, Anitta and the Spanish Natalia Jiménez, from The fifth station– It took exactly two seconds to turn around and give the approval to his voice, which started with a single operatic.

In a previous video broadcast by Televisa, the chain responsible for this format in Mexico, Ramos said he expects its appearance in Mexico's voice it serves so that the public "gives him an opportunity to be somebody" in this "world" that he knows "so much, that is to sing".


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