Gran Canaria, cradle of the eSports tournaments of the Spanish national team - La Provincia

Gran Canaria, cradle of the eSports tournaments of the Spanish national team - La Provincia

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) did not miss the opportunity to celebrateu first eSports tournament in a land overturned with this type of events. Canarias becomes in this way the cradle of videogame championships FIFA 2019 that it intends to celebrate from now on in each city that visits the national team in order to compete in international commitment. The 'Fan Zone' located in the Plaza de la Música of the Gran Canaria capital was in charge of holding this electronic event and hosted 128 gamers in search of the hegemony of the best virtual trainer of the Island.

The Digital Manager of the marketing area of ​​the RFEF, Javier Galiana, indicates that the commitment to start this series of championships on the Island is due " to the great support that exists in the Canary Islands with eSports"

Regarding the knowledge of the native players, the person in charge of the promotion of federative events pointed out that "it is very high, so we are asking the participants about what they believe in what we should improve, because nobody knows better than them. "

Of the 128 players that were concentrated in the morning yesterday in the square adjoining the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, a unique champion will be obtained who will have as a prize to go to the Palco eSports of the Spanish National Team to enjoy the friendly match of this afternoon between Spain and Bosnia Herzegovina (19.45 hours, TVE).

The rules to which these island gamers had to adhere, as explained by the director of Canary Islands Alisios Prims Yeray Sanchez, the co-organizing company of the event, was the choice of an international team and competing against another player in a match of 15 minutes in total. Among the teams that were most chosen was how could not be otherwise the team led by Luis Enrique because as explained Fernando Linares, one of the participants, "has a balanced team on all lines."

As for the other activities of which the amateur zone, highlighted the presence of the four great international trophies that the National Team has won - one World Cup and three European Championships -, with which the lovers of La Roja could photograph themselves.

They were also able to enjoy the little ones of a pintacaras with the colors of the national flag, soccer tables with red and blue dressed dolls, a sales area in which to buy material related to the equipment - t-shirts, sweatshirts, among others - and the delivery of some badges with the shield of the RFEF.


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